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    Bi-Sexual Male / 49

    I was 48 years old and married for twenty years. My new company participated heavily in trade shows and being a marketing guy I was assigned to attend a trade show in Monterrey, Mexico. When we got to the hotel we were told that some people hadn't checked out and that there was only one room that night, it had two beds if we wanted to room together we could have it, if not they would try and find me another room at another hotel. It was late and we were hungry and what the hell, we were two experienced travelers and what would one night do to us.

    Jorge was Mexican and he was the lead salesman for Mexico. He knew Monterrey pretty well and we went out to eat at this restaurant and got back around midnight. I turned on the television and sat in the chair by the desk and he got undressed carefully folding his pants and shirt and taking out a long tshirt to sleep in. He slipped his boxers off under his shirt. He came around to the chair and offered me a drink from the minibar, he stood there right beside me, his dick right under his shirt, maybe six inches from my face.

    This feeling overtook me and I leaned over and just took his dick in my mouth and sucked on it. He stepped back falling on the bed and I was out of the chair and sucking his dick, my hand had his dick and I started to pump him and suck him. He didn't stop me, he was reaching down with his hand grabbing at my dick which was still in my pants. Sucking down on his dick I reached down and undid my pants and pushed them down and let my dick out and Jorge took my dick in his hand and started to stroke me. Not a word was said between us. I got my pants off and we positioned ourselves side by side and sucked each other. We were both hard as steel and shoving our dicks into our mouths, both wanting to fuck.

    It was time for me to live my fantasy, I let him touch my ass and I got into position under him and with a lot of help and direction he got his dick going and I enjoyed every split second of it. We slept together for a while but eventually I moved into the other bed to get some sleep. In the morning I sucked his dick again, a slow suck sitting on the bed before we got dressed and went down for breakfast. We didn't need the second room when it was offered and we spent three days getting to know each other, I told him about all of my fantasies and he helped fulfill them one at a time. One of my deepest fantasies was just getting on my hands and knees and bending over with him behind me just fucking me. He had during the day gotten some lubricants and I have to agree that lubricants make a bid difference, although my first dry fuck was worth its weight in gold.

    I have had these fantasies for a very long time, since I was a teenager and I sucked my neighbor's dick. We were fifteen and we never did it again, in fact he was so embarrassed about it that he hardly spoke to me. But it left a mark on me, a mark that I was finally able to live with Jorge on that night in Monterrey. I am much more relaxed now and Jorge is a pro he and I have some good times together.

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