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    I was with a somewhat older guy that I was friends with at the begiing of this summer. We were sittng around hisplace feeling bored and he talked me into getting naked and messing around with him. As he laid there on the bed displaying his erection he grinned and asked if I wanted to suck it. I had never even dreamed of doing anything like that, but I was feeling curious and brave and adventurous, so I tried taking hisnharddick into my mouth. It was very exciting doing that, and it made my erection absolutely rigid. After a couple of minutes he ejaculated fully in my mouth. I wasn't exact;ly wild about how that asted, but it such a fantstic turn on having another guy do that in my mouth. Since then I have given him several more blow jobs and have absolutely loved the experience!

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    Once you suck you will suck again. It's taking that first plunge that is hard because of how we are brought up. After the first time to you feel guilty and think you are gay but you do it again. Back in 1972 when being gay wasn't kool I took that plunge at age 14. My buddy and I just got out of the water skinny dipping with hard-on's. We started stroking our self's I said nice dick you have. He said thanks you like it I said yes. He said stroke it then. I grabbed it started jerking him. He said that feels so good but your mouth would feel better suck me so I dropped to my knees took him in my mouth. My erection was so hard it hurt. It took a long time but he finely shot a big load in my mouth chocking me. I swallowed most of it as he was getting soft in my mouth as soon as I touched my dick it shot off a big load. Now 62 and still love sucking

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