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    Bi-Sexual Female / 28

    Last night he said he couldn't sleep, and he was facing the wall. I love touching his butt, and he said do whatever you want. Id already given him a bj in the morning, so I tried something new. I started slowly rubbing his hole, and then I slid down and pulled his pants off and started licking him furiously. eventually I had his ass in the air and his dick in my hand, and I started sucking his hole. He practically shoved my face into his untouched hole, so I got a finger wet and gently inserted it to give him a little bit of fingering. He couldnt take much more so he finished by working on me.
    Is it normal that I cant wait to lick his hole again soon?

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    It’s fine there’s nothing wrong with it, I love it when a woman does that to me i love my ass being licked and sucked then slowly fingered, I’d happily get on my hands and knees and enjoy what she does to me as long as she really enjoys it and gets really turned on by it I’m happy with it, BTW try tongue fucking him i love that too, A woman I know has a long tongue and often tongue fucks me she wriggles it about in me it drives me nuts then her finger finds my prostate (the Male G spot) and I just explode with a mind blowing cum, So don’t worry about what is or isn’t “normal” just enjoy it for what it is hot sexy fun.
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    He was sleeping but I turned him around, raised his butt pushing in a pillow and started to lick his virgin arshole as foreplay to our sexual ritual. He woke upon and raised his butt a little higher to allow my hand to stroke his cock. The hard throbbing cock felt good in my hand while he totally loosened his hole. I just grabbed my vib-dildo, put some lube on it and pushed it in his hole slowly. He was ecstatic and was moaning. Still stroking his cock I soon started massaging it while turning the vib on. After just a couple of minutes he shot his cum at great speed - WOW! I could feel his spasming in my hand till it got limp slowly, I took out the dildo from his anus. We had a great fuck after that....
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    Men can get pleasure from prostate manipulation sort of like women and your G spot. Society makes it out like any guy who enjoys prostate play is gay, but that is incorrect. Try a strap on with him, you both might enjoy it.
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    I'm a guy, and I love licking ass more than any other sex act. I've done it with dozens of women. Never ever have I had a complaint. My first wife was the only woman who has ever licked my ass. OMG! It was the most indescribably intense feeling I've ever experienced. She was a master at anal teasing, and she loved it. When she first did it for me, She had me turn over onto my stomach, after I had tongue fucked her ass for an eternity. At first I was a little inhibited, but the instant that she drove her tongue into my ass, I nearly lost my fucking mind! I was almost instantly up on my knees with my ass in the air, and she was licking and sucking my ass like a woman possessed! Then she started to shove her tongue up my ass as far as she could,O-M-G!!! She was stroking my cock, and tongue fucking my ass, and I was having an out of body experience. I was ready to cum almost as soon as she started, so she turned me over, and sucked me until I shot streams of cum into her slutty mouth. Then she came up and snowballed me. After things took a downward turn, I have never found a woman like her since. She was incredible!

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