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    Straight Female / 26

    My biological father left when I was under two leaving my mother pregnant and a toddler. He left the state, never paid child support and was killed in an accident several years ago. My mother made it on public aid, food stamps, housing assistance and a minimum wage job. She was seventeen when my biological father left. I grew up without a father.

    Fast forward, I get my first job with benefits. The office is a professional firm and I am the new receptionist. Two days after I started the Senior Partner tells me to dress properly. I answer honestly, I was wearing what I could afford. No clothes and I loose the job. He later called me to his office and told me to explain. I told him the whole truth. He took me shopping for clothes, shoes and a purse. He bought it all and said he wanted me to knock tem dead when his clients came. He came by the next day and gave me a debit card, use it, get my hair done, my nails, get make up. He "loaded" the card every week with $500 dollars.

    I used a friends old car, he took that away from me and "got" me a nicer car. He arranged for me to house sit for some friends of his. He hired an image consultant for me. Three months later I looked like a model out of a magazine, a very uncomfortable model. He whispered to me, patting my shoulder, and hugging me. My debit card always had money, he gave me credit cards to Neimans and Nordstroms, bought me my own car, invited my mother to come down and he took us out on his yacht.

    I don't really remember when his hugs had me put my arms around him and hug him and lay my head on his shoulder. When I asked for a new dress to go to a party with some of my new friends, when I asked for Invisalign braces for my teeth, when I asked him to take me to that new restaurant that just opened. It rained one day, it poured and I stayed at the office until late. He walked me to my car and said he would follow me home. Before putting him in my car he pulled me to him and just hugged me and told me how much he loved me. I said it before thinking, "I love you Daddy". Just that, his hug got deeper and I held on for a long time.

    Sometim es he calls me Baby, but not at work. At work he calls me TJ, an inside joke. I know he is not my father but in my heart I feel he is.

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    I kept waiting for this to turn creepy but it actually seems this man cares because he does, not because he's waiting for you to get on your knees.
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    yeah this was unusual

    i assumed it would turn to sex but no it did not

    keep it up?? i dunno

    good luck
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    Well, I really got embarrassed

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