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    Bi-Sexual Male / 47

    I had been talking with a sub, married male online for about a year and a half. He sent me pics of himself, his naked wife. He would even write things on her, including my name and that she was my cock whore. He was very sub and would do what I wanted. He wanted an in person meeting and wanted my cock up his ass, but he wanted it forced while tied up. I don't mind a good r**e fantasy, my wife and I did it many times through the years, usually when in the mood she would wear on her own, or I would suggest a pair of her oldest panties which I ripped off her before r****g her. I'd had sex with men before, always top with 2 rare, and rather painful exceptions.

    I had this guy doing anything I wanted and taking pictures to prove it. He was wearing womens panties, kotex, tampons and finally I got him to admit that he'd actually been fucked with rubbers by guys 5 times. 3 times with 1 guy and each of the other two were 1 timers. So three cocks, 5 fucks. One was a husband and wife domme couple and she watched while her husband fucked him. He even had pictures that the wife took while her husband, condom on fucked this stupid POS sub. His wife didn't know anything about how he was so femme in his fantasy sex life, nor that he was bi and had been fucked. He wouldn't suck cock though, that was the line he drew. For some reason that made him less of a man, and he didn't want a guy to cum in his butt it was only covered fucking.

    I only agreed to meet him on the basis that he would let me put my cock in his mouth and he had to take 20 strokes both up and down counting as a stroke. The day finally came, he was blindfolded at his insistence, he had ropes tied to his ankles and wrists which I turned him over ass up, and tied the wrists spread,one to each bed post. His legs I tied together and secured to one post. I went in, showered, and knelt on the bed next to his head and told him to do it. He gave me 28 strokes total, the last 4 being quite deep and he choked a bit. After that instead of calling him bitch, whore, fag or other things I told him he was now a cocksucker and that is what I called him. He was almost crying about it. Like he'd given up the last part of manhood. I made him sucke me again to get me harder and I broke open a condom pack, he could smell the rubber, but instead I threw it on the floor and lubed my cock with lotion.

    I pushed into his whore ass, which hadn't had a cock in over 6 months, and fucked him long and hard. I gave him at least 7 inches of my full 9 every stroke. Then I emptied my balls into his ass. He had sperm in his bowels and I let him know that he'd been bred. I told him he was now my breeding bitch cocksucker. I wiped my cock off on his face to his whimpering. I stuck my finger in his ass and wiped it under his nose. I waited around till I could recoup, whipping his ass with my belt at times to get me going again. Then I bred him again, hard, and brutal, his grunts and tears just loud enough to be heard in the hallway by the maids making up the other rooms. I bred him again, threatening to write the deed on him in permanent marker and send him home unless he begged me to cum in his faggot, fat asshole. He did and I did.

    After that, it's the only way he wants it, I've r**ed him and bred him numerous times. Last weekend while his wife was out of town, I went to his house, I had him dress in his wifes (she a fattie too) sexiest lingerie and cook me supper, and I spent the night with him in make up and his wifes undies getting fucked, and bred everytime. The morning came and I finally had him suck me to completion. He is now a cocksucking cumwhore.

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