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    Straight Male / 52

    I need something new. I need some new pussy. I need me a woman who enjoys sucking my

    dick each day. Been married for 29 years to the same women still love her but she isn't

    into trying new sexual things. We have never taken a bath together and a lot of other

    things. I myself have always been open sexually since my youth. Back in my day when i

    was single I was pulling pussy left and right on weekends. I love to eat pussy as long

    ask its clean, with my wife no licking or eating pussy try it one time on her and she

    told me to stop. I am not a forceful person won,t make you so something you don,t

    want to do. Now I understand why men, women, cheat. You try to be faithful and do the

    right thing and you end up with no pussy for the night. No blowjobs from her, it's just

    quick sex or I just go to sleep. Back in my youth, I used to weightlift a lot so most

    of the years I still look good at age 60. Black male thin-looking and a head full of

    hair. My dick when its hard is 6 and a half or 7. yes I don,t need pills and I know-how

    how to use it very well. I go shopping and do other things when I go out in public DRESS

    very well. I go out so I can check out all the ladies of all sizes that I see, yes its a

    mission to me now. I don,t worry about how a woman looks all I want is some pussy nice

    and wet. Thanks for reading.

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    You poor bastard. I feel just like you. My wife acts just like your wife. She's not sexually open to new ideas, refuses to try anything new, or old for that matter. Been married nearly 20 years, and I'm the only one who wants sex. I, like you, was always sexually active in my younger days, and I never forced it. Just had a personality that women loved. I'm not hung like a horse either. 6" fully erect. But I knew how to use it. And to think, I end up married to a prude. She wasn't like this when we met. She just changed. I'm constantly checking out other women, I can't help myself. This is what causes good men to cheat. So far I've resisted the urge, but it's tough.VhcUKk
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    You two should be in a 69 with each other
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    Thanks for understanding my post, I can,t be the only married

    male like this. Trying to do the right thing so hard when there is

    so much free pussy looking you in the face. I know there are a lot

    of women in the same boat.
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    #1 here. Yep. A lot of good men, and women in dead relationships, doing without just because the other person won't uphold their end of the relationship. Yet if we go out and get some strange, then all of a sudden, you're a no good cheater! How could you do this?! And all of a sudden you're the bad guy.
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    You two should be in a 69 with each other
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    #5, Be quiet. The adults are having a discussion.

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