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    Straight Female / 27

    I moved into a new apartment complex and met some of the people who lived there. I got invited to this party, a mixer and I had this guy all over me and he pushed himself until he proved how tough he was and I got myself fucked. Not the first time. The difference was that I was seriously dating this guy at the time.

    A couple of weeks went by and why I decided to tell the guy I was dating that I had been at that party and I had gotten fucked (I said I had gotten lucky) I will never know. Maybe guilt. He went ballistic, called me all kind of names and told me that he was going to kill that guy. Wow, I said calm down it was just a party, but he pressed me until I told him who it was and he went to that guy's apartment, he carried a golf club I had in my apartment.

    I ran after him, yelling for him to stop. He knocked on the door and he swung at the guy and they guy took the golf club out of his hand and hit him with it sending him to the ground. He grabbed me and asked me what that was all about and I told him, two seconds later I was on the floor of the kitchen and he was yanking my pants off and he got on me and ran his dick into me while my boyfriend watched leaning against the wall. He finished fucking me and he picked up my old boyfriend and thru him out into the hall.

    I got fucked and fucked and fucked until he just couldn't fuck me anymore. I finally was able to get dressed and go back to my apartment when he had fallen asleep. My boyfriend was waiting for me so I told him that it was over, I didn't want him to get the shit beat out of him and it was pretty obvious someone else owned me now. I had never felt I was owned until that night. You can't shake that feeling.

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