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    Straight Female / 22

    In January I had one of the best nights sex I've ever had. It was with a much older man who'd had a massive argument with his wife. He said he was staying over at his brothers for while, and that his brother was away in Germany on business.

    We did just about everything sexual you can, from licking and sucking each others sex, to unbelievably powerful anal sex. It was five in the morning when we finally crashed out and went to sleep. On awakening we had more sex and again in the shower before I left for home.

    Eight hours later I was impaled anally on his cock again, as he fucked me to one amazing orgasm after another. Before I took a taxi home, he told me he was going back to his house the following day. We had sex one more time and I knew I'd probably never see him again.

    Late May I met a fantastic guy, who after a couple of weeks, I went to bed with. His name is Mark, he's my age and he's super sexy. Sex is fantastic and we're always trying out new and exciting things sexually. Then in mid June I finally met his mum. She's awesome and adores me, and within a short time was welcoming me to stay over.
    Marks dad was away working on the rigs, so until nine days ago, I hadn't met him.

    Nine days ago I came face to face with the man who'd briefly separated from his wife. And who'd fucked me for two days, giving me still the best sex I'd experienced.

    We both held ourselves and said nothing. yet I knew he was like me, aching to embrace. For a few days afterwards I told myself I'd have to end my relationship with my boyfriend, even if I so didn't want to. Then two days ago Marks dad turned up at my flat and I couldn't help but invite him in.

    Four hours. That's how long we had sex together. And the kind of dominant sex I'd not experienced before. It was overpowering and earth shattering for me, I literally wept twice as my climaxes overwhelmed me.

    Marks dad has since told me in a weak manner, we cannot have sex again. But we both know that's not going to happen. The deal breaker will be in a weeks time, when Mark travels off to a sports event. His mum is going with him for three days, and even though it's only in Wales, I'm staying put. Not because I have to, but because I know the door of my flat will be open to one man in particular.

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    Like you I now prefer mature men to fuck me. They are more relaxed in fucking and understand better my sexuality. I am with three men aged 45 to 60 yo and fuck them thrice a week. I also find them generous and often travel places. I am in my late 30s and planning to spend my life this way. The arrangement is better than having a demanding bf!!
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    I love anal sex. But this black guy with his fat well endowed tool fucked me thrice on Friday night that made my anus stretched and aching! Actually he did it using desensitized lube into my anus and on his cock so that he literally hammered my ass hole for nearly an hour on the first time. Next two sessions were easy as I was stretched quite well. I did love it but I was sore for couple of days. I am going to meet him again!!

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