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    Bi-Sexual Male / 26

    At the time I was homeless due to step father problems, and was surviving on the streets of a city I didn't know.
    Too many people see homelessness as a life choice, but for many it's not. It's what it is at that time of a persons life. And there is nothing they can do in a practical way to stop themselves from living among the destitute.
    My luck came in the way of a business man who wanted directions. Instead of just pointing the way to him, I took him on the fifteen minute walk to his meeting and we chatted as we walked. Letting him know of my circumstances, and how I ended up alone in a city I'd never been in before, he asked me if I'd like to go for lunch as he handed me a ten pound note. Giving him the money back, I said to him, lunch would be fine.
    Two hours later I was sat in a cafe with him, eating hot food for the first time in days. Again we talked and he couldn't get his head around the fact I'd refused money. When I told him I'd rather have a roof over my head, he looked guilty then made me an offer.
    Look I'm no fool, so I already knew with his glances at me and the way he spoke, he saw me as a sexual being. I was eighteen years old, slim and some would say, cute looking. I'd already been beaten up twice, once badly. So having him offer me a place to sleep in his working week flat, I knew there was going to be a physical/sexual cost.
    Christ the reason I'd left my mother with the man she so dearly loved, was he'd forced his cock down my throat and had me suck him off. I tried to tell my mum, but she was more interested in the alcohol he'd just bought, so I walked out and the rest is as they say, you know.
    The flat was practically bare apart from one large sofa, some books on an old coffee table. There was an unmade double bed in the back bedroom, with one bedside cabinet and lamp. The kitchen had a kettle, some cups and a fridge with absolutely no food in it. He ate out all week he told me, and had his wife cooking from Friday night on wards.
    Using the bathroom which was stocked with shampoo, soap and a face cloth, plus strangely, ten matching towels, I got myself clean for the first time in weeks. When I walked back into the lounge area, he was naked, fully erect and slowly stroking his very large cock.
    There was no barrier, no stopping me and I could have walked out there and then. Yet I knew I wanted looking after. I knew I wanted safety and the possibility of food and drink. Looking up at me, he told me he'd ordered Chinese and soft drinks. As I went to speak, he said "It's your choice. Stay one night and eat with me, and that's it. Or stay as long as you like and suck this".
    I already knew what my choice was and knelt in between his legs as he sat on his sofa. Taking hold of his thick cock shaft, I jacked it a few times and then opened my mouth. As you already know, it wasn't my first taste of cock, but it was my first willing taste of cock. And I found the whole experience over the next hour, to be one of pleasure and a definite surprising nature. I say this because I absolutely loved the taste of his cum as he filled my mouth twice with his love juice.
    Although it was my first experience from a willing point of view, I knew I could handle his size, as I'd taken my step fathers cock, albeit forced, which is about the same size, more or less.
    Over that hour I learned about every single inch of his cock and marveled at how firm yet silky it felt in my mouth. How wonderful it was to hear him moan with pleasure as my mouth, lips and tongue worshiped his manhood.
    When he orgasmed the first time, it was a total surprise and I found his cum leaking from my mouth. He'd cum so much I had trouble with his cock in my mouth, swallowing it all down. Licking and sucking on his cock afterwards, he settled back on the sofa and I lay across him sucking all along his softening penis. It didn't take his cock too long to rise and then for what seemed like forever, he practically fucked my mouth.
    The second time he came, I was ready for it and moved slightly back. That allowed me to feel his cock spurt and also for me to breath and swallow at the same time.
    That night I slept in the same bed as him and woke up to the feeling of a hard cock nudging my backside. I knew he wanted to fuck me, but he was a gent and told me he'd only slide it up my arse, if I wanted to try it.
    Two days later after sucking on his cock each evening, I got into the shower with him, spread my legs and loved how he tongued my rear hole. His cock was already ragingly hard and I felt it pressing against my arsehole as I stood facing the shower wall. Then with his hands holding my hips, his cock entered me and I knew then, I was his.
    There isn't a true way to explain how it felt that first time. Yes it hurt and yes we had to stop every now and then at the start, for me to get used to his cock deep inside of me. But we both gritted our teeth and my arsehole eventually gave way. His cock slid all the way in and from then on, it was only the purest of pleasures that flowed throughout my entire body. With each thrust of his cock deep up my arse, it just got better and better. And soon i was backing onto him, making him fuck me harder and harder.
    Asking me after some considerable time if he could cum in me, I screamed at him not to pull out, but to give me his love juice.
    He came like a freight train with absolutely no chance of stopping him, and I could feel every spurt hitting the inside walls of my arsehole. As his jerks slowed down, he reached around and began to toss me off. With his cock still very much inside of me, and his hand moving so quickly wanking my cock, I came and leaned back into him. That forced his still rigid cock deeper, which in turn made my orgasm all the more intense.
    The following evening, as soon as he got in from his office, he fucked me as I leaned over the kitchen sink. It was spontaneous and it was completely amazing. After he came inside of my arse, I thought that was it, but my saviour had other ideas. Turning me around, he sank down and sucked in my cock. it was the first time he'd given me head and as he told me later on, fucking me in bed "It's the first time I've sucked cock".
    And so our relationship built.
    He's fifty six next month, I'm twenty six. It's been eight years since my days on the streets of a very busy city. We're still very much an item, but an item in which his wife now knows about me. Indeed I've met her many many times now and she sometimes stays over in our flat. It's a new flat which I own half of. I work for my lover and we're so happy together. He still goes home at the weekends and I know he's having sex with his wife when he's there. We don't mess about, either of us. And we make sure through tests every now and then (His wife I think) that we're free to play bareback.
    Life is difficult and can be very dangerous. It's men like my lover and friend who make the difference sometimes, and I'm so grateful to him for everything.
    Oh, one more thing before I go. My mother found her husband in bed with a guy their age. He was I believe, being fucked at the time. Strange how things work out, isn't it.

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