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    My family has a secret that I don't talk about. My father was a GI during the occupation in Germany following the War and he brought back a war bride, my mother. My mother told stories of how she grew up in a fine family but that the war had taken it all and they had fallen on difficult times when she met my father. The truth, which she confided in me the last year before her death was quite different. She was a prostitute when she met my father and he was a fool who fell for her and brought her to America. Her upbringing was poor and ordinary, her father was a cobbler and her mother took in wash. Her father was killed on the Eastern Front and after he was killed her mother prostituted her three daughters and there were plenty of customers for three young girls at the time. After the war they continued to be prostitutes and that is how she met my father.

    My father came back after his assignment with his war bride and settled into the industrial belt, became a machinist and set up his own shop and did well. My grandmother had hit pay dirt, the pot and the end of the rainbow and lived a very comfortable life. My father put a lot of pressure on her and she had no choice but to bear two children, my brother and I. I studied History as an undergraduate and got a masters as well. It was my history degree that led me to Germany to find out about my past and I discovered the multiple arrest records for prostitution for my mother and her sisters, they were very active girls with the boys during the occupation. Through those records I found the other records, where they lived and all and more than one reference to their early prostitution during the war. The Wehrmacht liked young girls. I confronted her and she had no choice but to admit it. She died several months after my father in 1999.

    I never had any ill will for her, those were her times. I hope that from time to time she enjoyed some of the men she was with. This secret is with me and I haven't told a soul.

    I have never been successful in love and during my college days I wandered off the beaten path to entertain myself with some young man who was looking for woman, more so when I was young and in college than now. The difference between my mother and me is that I never charged, I just got a lot of pleasure out of one night stands with strangers. I never worked, living off of my father's business and later inheritance to me, I moved to Arizona and I have many friends for the evening, snow birds from Canada who come down alone and need a woman to sleep with. I pride myself in being able to bring a man back to life and enjoy the fruits of my labor. I still enjoy sex, penetration sex, I want it all and if it has to be with men of my generation so be it. Since discovering my mother's past any guilts that I had about having sex went out the window, as far as I am concerned if God didn't want me to enjoy what I have between my legs he should have not given me a pleasure hole.

    So like mother like daughter, some things run in families even if you don't find out about it until you are middle aged.

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    Wow. Amazing story.
    You, madam, are remarkable.

    Both in life attitude and life style.

    I'm 66 and live in Dallas.
    I have an MA in History and have read much on the Wehrmacht.

    Ancestry work has revealed that my grandmother was an Edwardian Era London barmaid who lived and worked on Bow St. Her 3 sons, one my father, served in WWII

    Would love to meet you and compare notes.

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