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    I had to take a hiatus from college back in the seventies and got a job working as a bar back in Dallas. There was a girl who worked there, she was a waitress and she had all sorts of issues. One night, late at night I told her I wanted to take her back to my apartment and she came along and I fucked her. She had herpes and didn't tell me. The result of that is that I was sacred I had contracted herpes and I held her responsible and fucked her ass so she would get herpes in the ass. It was just a really bad time for me and I felt like I was now ruined for life. I had not contracted herpes.

    Several years later I am graduating from college and I meet this girl from a good family and she was a true blue virgin, no one had ever touched her tits, grabbed her ass and much less fucked her. It was like the biggest challenge of my life, I fucked her in her apartment and she gave me shit so I fucked her in the ass too. She fell in love and wanted to get married, period. I fucked her a whole lot for a couple of years and married her to get her to shut up. About then her younger sister showed up on the scene and she got fucked one night while she was in the guest room, like her sister she was true blue virgin at the time.

    The thing for me was that I liked her sister more, she was sweeter and nicer and more affectionate and she didn't put on a long face when she got fucked and she would lay on the bed and open her legs for me and deliver her pussy to me. My wife hated sex, she was always complaining, wanted it on and off, not tits, no cock sucking, just fuck her and get it over with. So I fucked her sister instead.

    When her sister graduated from college she went back home. My wife on the other hand hated the idea of having sex, she was cold as ice and got her ass fucked many times for refusing to put out her pussy. When my wife was thirty-five I gave her an ultimatum and she had to get pregnant, one child whereas her sister had three by then with her husband.

    All during her pregnancy she refused to give me pussy so she got her ass fucked. One day it dawned on me that she liked getting her ass fucked, she liked it rough and hard and in as deep and she liked having me cum in her ass. Her pussy was there but it was her asshole that she wanted fucked. Open her legs and she fought me off, turn her over and get on her back and I got my dick up her ass, she knew just how to spread her legs and put her ass in the right position for my dick to go in unm****ted. Her sister on the other hand, when she was living with us, had an eversion to having her ass fucked, or even touched, just putting my finger on her asshole elicited a 'don't do that' warning.

    One night I decided to see just how far my wife would go, I got her on her stomach grabbed her hips and pulled her up and shot my tongue into her asshole. She just pulled her knees under her and held up her ass while I licked. She liked that. From that girl in the bar who got her ass fucked as punishment, to her sister who hated it, to my wife who loves it. I eat my wife's ass out, she has to take a shower first and lay down on the bed on her stomach, and I eat her ass out and then I fuck her. I have slipped up and sent my dick into her pussy and she wiggles and tries to get it out, but I have managed to fuck her pussy from behind and finish in her that way, sort of like I can do it so I am going to do it. I get all sorts of nasty faces, but when I fuck her ass she lays there for a good while afterwards. The thing is that I could really do with her sister, I liked her and fucking her and I could really use some pussy right now.

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    And you are full of shit. Nice fantasy writing though.
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    I love a sweet female ass. I love to tongue fuck and lick them like nothing else in the world. I've fucked a couple of women in the ass, but I'd rather have my face and tongue buried in one any time.

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