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    Lesbian Female / 26

    This is pretty plain vanilla. I got a job working as a hostess at this small restaurant that catered primarily to working women. I was told by one of the waitresses that not all of the women were straight, like there may be some that were lesbian. I was so curious and she would point out that one, or those two, and so on. Some I could believe, but some I just couldn't. One afternoon after the lunch rush, part of my job was helping set up for dinner before my shift ended, she asked me to go out with her that night. I didn't think anything of it, I went. We went to this Chinese restaurant she had told me about and then we went to this bar. She whispered to me that this was a ladies bar and that most of the women there were lesbians, except maybe for me. She told me that she was a lesbian and she thought I should explore my feelings. I was uncomfortable mostly because every woman that walked by I couldn't get over that maybe she was lesbian, according to her there was no maybe. She pointed out the ones that were quiet and the ones that were loud, the ones that were there looking for a one night stand and the ones that were there together. She told me that the only way you knew if you were a lesbian was to kiss a lesbian and she puckered up and told me to kiss her. No one would care, lots of girls kissed in there. Kiss her and run my tongue over her lips. I felt weird, strange and she kissed me and ran her tongue over my lips, and she said for me to kiss her, to just lay it on her, to kiss her and put my arms around her neck and put everything I had into the kiss. It was more like she kissed me, but I did put my arms around her neck. We left the bar and went to her place and she gave me a whole lot of instructions, she was going to make love to me and she wanted me to go along. First get undressed and show off my wares. Second undress her and admire her wares. Third lean over and suck on her nipple. Fourth, get tit to tit and kiss and kiss, make out, shove my hips into her. Fifth, lay down and let her feel me up, finger me and then kiss me, open my legs and just let her kiss and lick and do things with her mouth and tongue. Now do her. I did it all with her and she said spend the night with her and when we got up in the morning we would go to this breakfast place where only lesbians went. I had to get used to being around lesbians, from now on nothing but lesbians. I am new to being a lesbian, learning about it.

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    When I first met her, my neighbor, aged mid 30's, like me, I could read her eyes and gesture that she is into women. It was a warm evening and we were sharing a bottle of red wine, both got a little tipsy. I just open myself out - "Can I kiss you?" I asked, barely above a whisper. She smiled nervously and nodded, keeping her eyes on mine. It was a beautifully intense moment. We knew we would be crossing a line and we both wanted it so badly, so desperately. My heart pounded so hard and I leaned forward slowly, feeling the electricity gather between us. Slowly, I saw her close her eyes. I closed mine too as I pressed my lips to hers.
    The sensation of our lips meeting was beyond anything I could put into words. It felt so wonderful, so right, so perfect. Her lips were warm - soft and silky smooth, and fit into mine with surprising ease. We sighed into the kiss, reveling in the sensation of our lips against each other's. She was so beautiful, as a person intellectually, emotionally, and now romantically. All of these emotions poured out of me and flooded into the kiss I was giving her, and I couldn't help feeling the passion level rise
    hotly and quickly. Our kisses grew firmer as we sighed heavier and deeper, wrapping our arms tighter around each other. I opened my mouth wider, covering more of her mouth with mine, and she sighed heavier into me. When I next opened my mouth, she opened hers to, and we met open-mouthed, breathing into each other as we kissed. God, it was hot. I wanted her. I wanted every inch of her. I slid my tongue into her mouth and touched it to hers.
    Immediately she pushed her tongue back against mine. It was so wet and warm and it felt heavenly. I slid my tongue back and forth across hers with long, deep strokes, and she let me, holding her tongue extended for me to caress. I was so hot I grabbed the sides of her face, tilting it at an angle as I pushed my tongue deeper into her mouth. I licked the length of her tongue over and over, reveling in the feel of her sexy mouth against mine.
    I loved the way it felt so I began licking with faster strokes, and soon I was licking her like a cat at a water bowl, lapping over and over at her wonderful, sexy tongue. Our hands met each others boobs â massaging and holding hard. We both wanted more â¦.


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