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    Straight Female / 34

    I am currently 34, in good health, have a college education, I am a licensed Pharmacist, gainfully employed. I have this discussion from time to time, with other women of course.

    A. Abs do nothing for me, neither does any form of muscle definition. To me it screams narcissist.
    B. No job means go away.
    C. Bad job means go away.
    D. Sensitive, emotional, caring means girl. I have girlfriends.
    E. Under 40 means looking for a mom.
    F. No smarts, intellectually stunted, low I.Q. means go away.
    G. Mature, self aware, self supporting is a minimum requirement.
    H. Executive, boss, business owner, well to do means you can support me properly. I will need you to do that when I have your children.

    It's not your looks, its your attitude, your maturity, your self supporting ability that gets points.

    And last, but a must have. You have to walk, talk, live and believe you are looking for me to be the mother of your children.

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    Sorry babe, at 34 you are too old to be starting a family for me. Those eggs should have met sperm years ago and are past their prime now.
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    A woman with a list of rules means go away.
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    It's okay to have written or unwritten rules(men have them too even if they don't list'em like this). Good luck.
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    I have to agree with #1, you act like you're a prime baby factory, but truth, you maybe get one risky and all the rest will be considered high risk pregnancies.

    No doubt your a fuckable catch, but past prime for baby making.
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    you need to with me, older educated good job black male. I have a

    set of rules I set for women I met, must have a good job and be more

    them pussy and tits. I wou8ld love to make 2 or more babies with you.

    I will say this you need to love by a real man.

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    You're 34. If you were worth keeping, you'd be taken. Now, you're alone and will likely stay that way unless you lower your standard and exceptionally high opinion of yourself.
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    Basically although you wonât admit it you want a man to pay you for sex, At least a Whore doesnât dress up what she does sheâs honest about it, You However dress it up and make it look pretty, Whatâs wrong with you supporting yourself? Or do you find that too much of a challenge that you hand that over to some random guy with money, Do you have any idea how shallow and self serving you sound, I pity the guy you con into marrying you.
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    #7 Well said. 34 mmmm enough said.....
  • 9
    Really ?
    You're shitting me.

    Why would you toss out a career as a pharmacist?
    To have some guy support you and have his kids?

    Ignore all the comments and throw away your list.
    Time flies and your looks and your body fade fast.

    Go for it ! You're a woman and you can.
    Phuck your brains out, find friends that like the same, and enjoy.
  • 10
    lol if this is real I feel sorry for you
    You are most likely going to stay on your own
    or you are going to suffer so much that you will be forced to grow the fuck up and realize you were so so stupid when you wrote this shit... but hey its very ok you dont understand that now... life will make you understand, it always does

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