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    Bi-Sexual Female / 31

    As I sat there on his air mattress. Thinking I shouldnât be here but also thinking he has addictions and I have mine. As I told him â I donât want a relationship right now, my life is horrible enough with out a relationshipâ I could really only think about fucking you right now would be very relieving for my whole body at this moment. The look of disappointment on his face as he replied âso just sex from me? You know thatâs not something I do but for you I willâ he sounded so heart broken and really I could not take the emotions going on in this room. As he stood at the window, blowing cigarette smoke out. I get to my knees and start to crawl up to his legs. âI know what I want right nowâ, âwhat is that?â He says looking down into my eyes. As Iâm unzipping his fly. His cock become hard before I was finished unzipping. I didnât think I needed to say any words at that point. His eyes never left mine, as I pulled his cock out and ran my wet tongue up and down his shaft. Sucking his cock was like eating my favorite snack. As I took him deeper in to my wet willing mouth, I feel his hand softly brush over my hair running down my cheek. As he gets to my jaw he takes my jaw in his hand. I loved him controlling me this way, gagging a bit as he slides his hand to grip my throat. I know he can feel his cock print in my throat. I let out pleasure sounds, every movement I get wetter. He grips my jaw and pulls me out off his cock as he letâs out a pleasure sound. Leaning down kissing me softly. Not unlocking eye contact. I waited for direction, he tells me to take off my clothes. I start to take each piece off with his hand touching my breast and stomach, gripping my ass and sliding his finger between my thighs. As I got to my knees again my eyes never leave his. He has me touching myself. He doesnât say a word I just feel I know what his eyes say. I lay on my back begging with my body to fuck me slowly and hard. I donât have to tell him he knows what I like how to do it. He places a pillow under my ass. As he lays his body on top mine he places his hand around my throat. Gets close to my ear and as cock takes over my body says â nobody can fuck you like this and love you like thisâ. He goes deep inside me. I let out his name, moaning with every thrust. My delicious human fucking sounds impresses me. I slow him down to tell him I want to ride his cock. Now he is impressed with me.

    As I dangle above him, he touches my breast in a way that sends waves down my body. As I take him inside me and breath out. My human places his hand around my neck, looking up at me and taking his other hand pushing my hips harder on his cock. Sliding his come here and fuck you fingers in my mouth. Pleasure sounds leave what maybe my soul with every moment. â come on good girl, cum for meâ he whispers too me. Those words release me â you fuck me so good daddy, Iâm Cumming for youâ. He doesnât let me stop. He grabs my jaw brings me to his face. Through gripped teeth he says â youâre gonna cum for me againâ. Kissing me, my human starts to fuck me slower and harder. I could hear my rivers splashing. Going faster, he releases inside me. Filling me to my rim. I still move on his cock even after it loses its stance the warmth of his cum eases me into another delicious man made release. Falling my life less body next to my human placing my hand over his chest.

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