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    Straight Female / 29

    My husband and I have been trying to get pregnant for over a year now. Weâve done many exams and the most probable cause is that his sperm count is very low. Weâve tried vitamins, positions and so on but its not working, artificial methods are very expensive and the insurance doesnât cover it

    We had a serious conversation a few days ago where we actually considered the idea of another man being the one who gets me pregnant. I know this is something extremely hard for him to accept but we also know that its one of our lifeâs dreams to have a kid.

    We actually considered several guys like if it was a menu. At one point we just laughed about what we were talking about. The 3 more serious prospects that we came up with were his cousin, his uncle and a friend from his work whom I know.

    We originally had 5 names but my husband asked me straight up âfrom those 5 who would you like to fuck betterâ⦠I answered sincerely and we came up with those 3 final names

    I would never say this to my husband but even though I understand the practical reasons why we are doing this, I admit its kind of a turn on to think about having sex with another man with every intention of getting pregnant.

    We agreed that to be certain the sex encounters would have to be between 3 to 5 times and we even agreed that he would have to be very turned on so he would make a âlarge depositâ

    This is all very weird and I even admit we are not even sure if at the end we would go through with it, but we did have that conversation and as I said I did think about it and it was kind of a turn on

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    lol welcome to the club...this is something very common nowadays either for necessity like your case and many times just as simple fantasy, not only for the wife but for the husband too

    its already great that your husband asked you who would you like to fuck best... it means he already understand that you are going to have to really fuck this guy good to get your pregnant.

    Just enjoy it and dont you feel guilty at all, your husband is ok with it so suck this guys cock, turn him on and let him fuck your brains out! you are going to love it!
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    my nephew is actually my son... its one of those things in the family that everybody just chose to look the other way but we all know it happened and we all know why it happened! Im not complaining though, I got my cock sucked and fucked the living shit out of my sis in law that night but yeah its something that happens and makes for those family secrets that everybody knows exist.
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    Alternatively, instead of fucking other guys, you may consider taking help of semen bank and invitro-fertilization, so-called test tube baby. In this case the donor will be anonymous. Having saying this, is there any guarantee that the other guys would be able to get you pregnant? However, if you are seeking for fun to have extra-marital sex, you could have it anytime, not necessarily for a baby!!
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    Sincere suggestion; get [use] the closest relative to your husband that has already had at least one healthy child. If you're not into the potential emotional attachments of extramarital sex, lesbians have been using turkey basters and Dixie cups for years to transfer fresh sperm without sex.
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    she already said in vitro fertilization is too expensive dumb ass!
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    using a relative might be kinda weird because you are going to have to see this person all your life, and your child too, it would be kinda cruel to let this child grow, get old and die without ever knowing his real father, even worse knowing that he had him that close within the family all his life...shit thats very fucked up!

    Using "a friend" might actually be a better idea because you won't have to see this person ever again in your life, this may be better because your child will see your husband as his father and the real father well he just never existed in his the other scenario he was always there, that would be fucked up!
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    if you husband has a low sperm count how would you know any of these 3 candidates won't have the same problem?

    When you guys decide to ask one of them I suggest you explain the situation and ask him that you guys will pay for him to do a couple of quick exams to know he is suitable candidate to get you pregnant

    If you are a good looking woman (and I think you are) trust me none of these guys will have any problems in doing a quick exam because they know they will get to fuck your brains out after that... and yeah they will fuck the shit out of you and it seems you husband already understands that
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    Why don't you have your husband cum in you afterward. Then you can have maybe the thought/feeling of it being or possibly being your husband's.
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    I dont think her husband would like the idea of shoving his cock in her when its full of somebody else's cum... you can even get venereal deseases that way I guess
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    My husband was shooting blanks. I introduced him to swinging, I thought if I had sex with another man it wold be less of a problem if he was screwing a few women a the same time. It was a great feeling walking into a room full of sperm donors. I got pregnant, now have two boys

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