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    Bi-Sexual Male / 52

    When i was a freshman in undergrad, i used to play pick up basketball at the I-M building which was a few blocks away from South Quad where I lived. I was pretty much a hack, although I was a decent rebounder and played intense defense around the basket. My dribbling was awful and my shooting was almost as bad. Anyway, I loved playing basketball and this gave me an opportunity to keep the weight off. The I-M building had a track, weightlifting equipment, a swimming pool, handball and racquetball courts and catered to a wide variety of ages from college kids up to guys in their 70's and olde. I would be there 2-3 times on weekdays and at least once on the weekends. I enjoyed the competition and the camaraderie. The regulars were assigned lockers and I'd keep a few jock straps, basketball shorts, a pair of black hightop Chucks, and t-shirts and a spare Voit basketball in the locker.

    There was an old-timer by the name of Dave who had the locker across from mine. He was a regular at the gym, either swimming or playing racquetball. Dave was tall and thin, wore black rimmed glasses and had a mane of white hair. He wasn't very talkative and we never really had any conversations to speak of. Dave would stip off his swimming trunks or his jockstrap and shorts, slip his feet into aa pair of rubber shower sandals and slowly shuffle his way to the communal showers. The thing that stood out about Dave was the size of his cock. Dave had a true horse cock, one that dangled between his legs as he shuffled about. The damn thing hung so low that I often wondered where the hell he stuffed it into his shorts or trunks.

    The first time I saw him naked, I stared at it. I'd never seen anything quite like it. His balls were low hangers and would swing and sway from side t side as he walked around. Coming back out of the shower Dave's whole body would turn a rosy pink from the heat of the nozzle sprayed showesrs. The hair on his chest and groin was curly and white.

    I'd never had sex, never been intimate, never past the kissing stage, and precious few kisses. I'd never thought about gay sex other than to think it was some sort f perversion. There were a few gays and a pair of lesbians in our dorm, but they pretty much kept to themselves.

    A couple of times I would be sitting on the bench by my locker, exhausted from basketball, waiting to catch my breath long enough to hit the showers and then walk back to the dorm, when Dave would walk in from swimming, shuck his bathing trunks, and brush against me as he padded off to the showers. The first time i ignored the contact thinking it was accidental, but the second time, i felt the length of his flaccid members brush against my shoulder and then slide across it. This was no accident. I stared at him as he walked off to the showers. and watched him turn his head back towards me and smile. I'd never seen Dave smile before. I couldn't figure out what kind of game he was playing. The only thing I knew for sure that when he looked back at me and smiled, my dick stiffened until it slapped up against my stomach. Fuck! What was this about?

    Within a few minutes, dave was shuffling his way back to his locker. Me? I was still sitting there on the bench, naked, trying to hide my erection. Dave smiled at me. "Aren't you going to take a shower?" he asked. "Yeah, just catching my breath. I really got winded today," I replied. Dave looksd about but w were alone in this row of lockers. "Looks like you are excited to see me," lifting his long foot and pointing it aat my erection. I tried to laugh it off, "Just a case of blue balls, I guess," I said as he continued to stare at me. "I know all about blu balls," he said, adding, "I lost my wife almost six years ago." I shook my head, "I'm sorry to hear that." I didn't know what else to say. "It's a lonely existence," he said, adding, "There's not much demand for a 72 year-old retied widower." I could only think, if those old biddies knew what you have packed in your shorts, they would be lined around your house six deep. "If you want, you could come over to my place for dinner," he said. "I'm a pretty good cook and it's got to beat that dorm food all to hell." He definitely had that right. What could I say. "Okay. Sure. Just let me take a shower first. Where do you live?" He smiled again. "University Towers," a very swanky apartment building frequented by professionals. It was a couple of miles from the I-M building. "I've got a car, I'll drive you," he said. "Okay," I agreed. I stood up and my erection was still pointing up to the rafters. "Healthy young man," he said staring at my erection. "Looks like you're pretty healthy yourself," I replied pointing at his horse cock. He giggled. "So I've benn told."

    By the time I got back from the showers, he had dressed. I dried off with on of the I-M building's towels, and quickly dressed as he stood and made small talk. I then followed him out to his car, a Volkswagen Rabbit. He started it, placed it in gear and then drove off to his apartment building. His apartment was on the twelfth floor and had a panoramic view of Ann Arbor. The tangerine sun was setting in a wash of pink and purple clouds. As I took in th view, Dave posed us glasses of chilled Reisling wine and we had a few glasses just shooting the shti. Finally, he asked me, "Have you ever been with a man before?" I shook my head no. "Well, f you are hungry, I will cook something up, but if you'd rather. . ." his voice trailed off as he nodded toward the bedroom. I slowly stood up and said, "Well, I guess it's now or never," then let him lead me to his bedroom.

    It was very elegant. Satin sheets, Geometric bedspread with turquoise, violet and black shapes. He slowly undressed. I followed his lead, neatly folding my clothes as he had his. Soon we were both naked. He pulled back the bedspread and we both slid into bed under th satin sheets. "Any regrets?" he asked. "No. None yet." He laughed at that. "I guess my question was a bit premature." He reached for me under the sheets and I felt his bony hand grasp my already fully erect penis. I'd never had anyone touch me there before, although I'd jerked off thousands of times. The sensation of his hand grasping me was incredible. I reached out and grasped his still flaccid tool. "It takes me some time to get hard. I hope you don't mind." "No, not at all," I responded. "Sucking it will make it grow hard faster," he suggested. I pulled back the sheets, and lowred my mouth to the purplish head of his circumsized cock, and slipped my lips around his cock haad, and began sucking it. His cock responds to the sensation of my lips and mouth and tongue, slowly lengthening, stiffening as it grew inside my mouth. I worked my way up and down his cock and pretty soon, his cock became first semi-hard and then fully hard, a massive slab of meat filling my mouth and extending back against the back of my throat before slipping down into my throat gagging me, and even then I had only half his massive cock in my mouth. As I continued to suck him, he began moaning in anticipation, and the as he grew close, he placed th palms of his hands on the back of my head and began fucking my mouth in earnest. His moans became grunts and then he gasped and i felt his erection spasm and my mouth filled with a thick musky foul tasting gruel of semen, gobs of it, a seemingly endless flood of his seed, which I attempted to swallow.

    Dave lay back, breathing hard. He turned and smiled at me. "Pretty good job fo a first timer," he said. I still had a mouthful of his spunk in my mouth, with streaks of it on my cheeks, my chest, and strands of it in my hair. I shifted on my side. He smiled at me. "Well how was it?" I assured him that it had been great. He points at my rock hard cock and said, "Give me a minute and I will help relieve that hard-on. In a few moments, he pushed me onto my back and began licking and sucking my balls, slowly working his tongue lower and lower until he was bathing my anus with his tongue, before swallowing my cock and sucking it to an explosive orgasm. After I came, he asked me whether or not I wanted him to fuck me. I couldn't bring myself to admit it, but I nodded and he reached over to his nightstand fo a tube of KY jelly, dipped two fingers into the gel before slowly working his fingers into my anus and up past the sphincter. I felt his long bony fingers penetrate me and then reaching deeper and deeper inside my rectum. He then withdrew his fingers and I could feel the thick head of his cock at my anal opening inexorably pushing against t, until I felt my anus opening, my sphincter giving as his penise penetrated me deeper and deep. I was laying on my left side with my right knee bent and extended to allow him create access as he has instructed me to do. As his penis pushed deeper inside of me I felt a collage of sensations: a burning, searing pain, mixed with a growing sensation of pleasure. Once the entire length of his monster was inside of me, Dave began fucking me and soon the fiery pain gave way to ecstasy, a feeling of fulfillment, satisfaction. I heard myself moaning and grunting as he fucked me taste and deep and harder, and then the grunts became more animalistic, more feral as I felt myself humming as I'd neve cum before. The orgasmm was not only in the head of my cock, but in the sphincter ring of my asshole. I felt him shooting his sperm deep inside of my rectum, coating the fiery walls of my rectum, before feeling Dave's cock slowly withdraw from me, making me feel somehow empty, but fulfilled.

    We showered together and I kneeled at his feet in the shower and sucked his cock again as the wate streamed down on me. We dried each other off, and he dressed in a plush teri cloth robe, as I sat naked as he prepared a delicious French dinner. We dined drinking a few more glasses of a merlot before I suggested that I had better get going. "Don't be silly," he said, "You'll spend the night in bed with me." And so I did, but we got precious little sleep, and he fucked me again and again, filling me with streams of his thick white cream. When I did leave the following morning, I walked bowlegged all the way back to my dorm. I was too exhausted to make my morning classes. I slept until the afternoon and awoke to the telephone ringing. It was Dave. He was wondering if I was up for another home cooked meal. I laughed at that, knowing that the dinner would be composed of his mammoth cock filling me with gobs of his never-ending cum. After that, I moved in with Dave. Over the course of the next several years, i shared his bed and we shared life together. It wasn't the life that I'd envisioned, but the again, I never viewed homosexuality as a perversion.

    Dave's health began failing a few years after we met. He had a bad ticker, and he would suffer spells of cardiac syncope where he would zonk out, collapse, seemingly dead. The first time, I was afraid he'd died, but he soon came to. This happened again and again. We sought out medical treatments but there was very little the doctors could offer to him.

    On the last evening of his life, I sucked Dave to orgasm and then we fell asleep with him fucking me. When I awoke in the predawn darkness, I could feel him still deep inside me. "Dave? Dave?" no response. I reached back to shake him awake, "Dave!" but there was no answer, and there never would be. He had died fucking me and his cock was still stiff inside me hours after he'd succumbed to his cardiac disease. I disengaged trom him and made the necessary phone calls, with Dave's naked body, turning darker and darker shades of ochre, before the EMT's and ultimately the medical examiner showed up and questioned me before declaring Dave dead, placing his body, cock now dark and dusky yet fully erect, obscenely tenting the blanket thy'd placed one him before hauling him away.

    I've been with many men and a few women since Dave, but have neve enjoyed the intensity of the orgasms he gave me just fucking my ass. I will always yearn for his touch, and will always have an emptiness in my heart, and in my rectum which no one else can eve fill.

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