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    Bi-Sexual Female / 29

    I worked two part time jobs, one my dream job working as a trainer at a CrossFit club and the other as the morning receptionist at a dealership because I got benefits. I spent time with both boys and girls and I was into a very intense relationship with another woman trainer at the club. We were both in our late twenties, as fit as we had ever been, defined, sculpted. Our sex life was me on her, she lapsed into a passive/receptor role giving the complete field to work on my lovemaking skills. I was in love with her, my first true love.

    Then she called me one morning at the dealership, she said she wanted to wave to me from the top of the parking garage next door. I went outside, she said I love you and jumped. And just like that I lost her. No notes, no calls, nothing. She killed herself and no one knows why.

    A month later I was crying on the shoulder of a friend, he listened and said what I needed was to get laid. Just get my ass fucked, no strings attached. Of course he offered. I said go ahead fuck the shit out of me. I went passive, totally up to him, fuck me any way he wanted. I went into a trance like state, went into a climax that felt like it went on forever. Then I knew what she wanted, why she was so passive, why her orgasms were so intense. His climax was complete, I let him cum until he was empty.

    I am so much into being his girlfriend right now, it just feels good. I know she is smiling at me.

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