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    Bi-Sexual Male / 18

    I just got back into my moms house, I was supposedly at the library getting ready for school to start. Really I was at a 40 year old mans house getting fucked 10 times by 4 different guys. I also sucked all their cocks 3 depositing loads in my mouth. I did not go to the toilet while I was getting fucked, part way home a bunch just came out all over my underwear and into my jeans. I went to the toilet to get rid of the rest when I got here, and tried to clean up the mess but there was too much. I have the jeans and underwear in a plastic bag and will throw them away. I can't risk anyone catching me with them or seeing what is in them.

    The 40 year old fucked me for the first time about 4 months ago when I was still 17 and now he's let his friends fuck me from about 3pm till 6pm. I'm a mess, I'm gaping open, I'm leaking, I love this feeling.

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    Christ that's hot, is it something you're gonna keep doing regular?
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    I had four college guys take turns fucking my ass and mouth at a ski resort one weekend. I stayed in their condo, and whenever one of them wanted to fuck, I immediately got in position. Two of them evn fucked me while I was sleeping on the couch. I would wake up when their cocks went inside of me. They pumped away until they shot their cum in me. I love the way a young cock swells and gets harder when they orgasm.
    I didn't keep count, but am sure I had cocks in me at least two dozen times. They all would have me suck and lick their cock after they ass fucked me. It was a nice mixture of shit and cum. I really enjoy ass to mouth now.
    10 days ago

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