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    I'm 70 years old and my niece that I raised from the age of 10 is 24. Her husband is 36 now and this started 4 years ago. Kimberly mom died when she was 10 and that's why I got her. 4 years later my wife died of cancer. Both sister had the same cancer. My wife was 15 years older but died later. Kimberly uncle wanted to get custody but she's wanted to stay with me as I had been there for her during the rough time getting over missing her mom. Said I was now her father. The court agreed and there's no bad feelings with Jack and his wife.

    Kimberly turned 21 and had just realized she wasn't going to get pregnant because husband was not able as his sperm count was super low. I told her I'd do it for her and she laughed nervous like said ya sure. A few months after her uncle Jack died of the same cancer that took her mother and aunt my wife.

    I have told Jack's wife I will come a few days earlier than furnal to help her with anything she might need. I'm also paying for it as I have the money to take care of it and she doesn't need to cut into their meager funds. I asked Kimberly if she wants to go with it will cost her nothing as I'm willing to pay for my little girl. Husband said for her to go as her aunt would appreciate her being there.

    As we are driving out of town for what will be a 9 hour drive Kimberly asked if I was serious about helping her get pregnant. I told her I was just teasing her back then but if she's really serious I would be thrilled to do it for her. It will be honored to be her serigert doner. Kimberly said let me think about it seriously while we're travleing.

    Gone 6 days 5 nights and fucked my niece morning and night every day. I now have a great niece/daughter that only Kimberly and I know the truth how she got pregnant. I told her in private that in a few years I would help her have another if she wishes. Kimberly said I'll let you know when I'm ready for you to help me again. I said I'll be ready whenever you are.

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