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    It started with my Aunts growing up. Especially Judy! She was and still is special with an ass of gold, great tits, and gives amazing head. But, we fell in love. Problem is, my other 2 Aunts came around and we started sleeping together too. Iâm in love w my first cousin Libby anyway and am proposing. Her mom is addicted to my cock. Crazy shit but my other 3 cousins are mad bc Iâm not making love to them or taking them for romantic dinners like my aunts. Emily wanted me in her asshole. Not my favorite so I fucked her V then came right inside as we made out while both cumming together. We think sheâs pregnant and Iâm going with her on Monday. Her sister is my fiancé so Iâm in trouble here but we can work. Gonna die and old man with my Libby and Em

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