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    Straight Male / 30

    A friend of the family has a daughter sixteen years younger than I that is very mature beyond her years. Looks, walks, talks, and acts like a much older woman. Incredibly articulate, intelligent and talented.

    I have never been attracted to younger women at all so I find even more odd that I'm finding myself fantasizing about her coming on to me and having a sexual encounter.

    It will never happen but even thinking about it, I feel perverted and ashamed and repulsed that it had entered my mind.

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    I'd be worried about you if you didn't have those fantasies.
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    Fantasies are good acting out certain fantasies are a different story - no worries - what is in your head is your alone - do what you want!
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    If she never told you her age you'd think she was in her mid 20's and never think anything of it, incredibly beautiful and g*fted young woman. She's always around, hard to think about some times.
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    Just ask if you can sniff her panties and see where it goes
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    So, how old is she?
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    Sorry about that #5 but she must be much older than you because I believe she can add where as undoubtedly you can't. The author aid he is 30 and she is 16 years younger than he. I believe, figuring on my fingers, that she must be 14.
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    #1 IS SPOT ON.
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    What are y'all going to say when he ends up railing that 14yr old lol
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    He probably already has but not admitting it because of the law. I don't blame him!
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    Just make a breakthrough by getting intimate with her. Start with cuddling and petting, then necking, kissing and moving your hand under her skirt to panties. Stroke her pussy and then find her slit to finger in. If she open her thighs, eat her pussy. She will get too aroused to be fucked. I am sure your attitude will change and love to fuck a young girl.

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