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    Bi-Sexual Male / 21

    When I was 16 a had my first encounter sexually, I was just finishing high school and had just started community college. I was quite geeky, skinny but fit and I started using the gym at the college before class.

    Well the second week I was there I noticed a guy (one of the instructors/gym/ college staff so he was about 35/40 years old) who was watching me like staring at me like how I would stare at girls almost. Well i finished up and went into the changing rooms/shower areas it was early before class so it was empty.

    I started showering next thing I know I felt someone grab my butt from behind me, I turned and it was him I dunno what happened but that submissive side of me came out and he started playing with me, pushed me down on my knees I knew exactly what I had to do, I sucked his dick which was my first time but I apparently did a good job as he enjoyed it, he got me up licked my butt for a few mins and sucked my balls and dick a little.

    A nd then it happened, he pushed me up against the wall and took me there and then, he fucked me nice and slow at first as it really hurt, but once I got past the pain he picked up the haste, he went for 25 mins straight taking me he came inside a left next his number.... I turned up a little late for my lesson it was leaking out of me for the whole day!

    It was after this where I really started exploring with my sexuality and I now see men and women on and off so I'm happy, who knew that one gym instructor could turn me into such a little slut.

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    I wish this would happen to me. I want it.

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