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    Bi-Sexual Male / 43

    When my wife and I visit the Caribbean two to three times a year, we always have our own individual fun. In other words, my wife fucks who she wishes and I more often then not have Michael and his friend Jazz fuck me for the ten days we're there.

    On the odd occasion they're not around (Usually with a local dignitary), I'll book one of the many younger gay escorts they know, and have them take care of my anal needs. However both Michael and Jazz have only failed to entertain me twice in the fifteen years we've been travelling over to their island.

    Both men are now in their early fifties, but you'd not know that by looking at the very fit looking black athletic men. And their cocks are fucking awesome believe me.

    Because of my investments I have a healthy bank balance, and having my own businesses it allows me take the time off when I need it to recharge my gay batteries.

    My wife has always known about my gay needs and has often watched me being fucked. She still does watch every now and then. But more often than not, my stunningly beautiful blonde younger wife is being fucked by young studs who find her ultra attractive.

    At home we're a true couple and never stray. We know the boundaries and keep our relationship fixed tight that way. I'm not short sided in the cock department myself and love to fuck my wife, yet I also love being drilled by a hard black cock. It also helps I'm more into older men fucking me too. Something I got from a relatively short, but very revealing stay in jail when I was in my early twenties. That's another confession and probably one I should state in far more detail, as I possibly should have done with this.

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    You are living my dream life....

    Except I would love watching my wife fuck while I'm fucking cool older black men...

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