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    I watched Knocked Up the other night and it was me, only backwards I am the guy with the job and she was the good for nothing. It was purely a sense of guilt that kept me from walking. What a messed up girl who was pregnant with my child. Month after month went by, her pregnancy growing and growing. I cringed, this was the mother of my child. Then bingo the baby was born. Her mother came, a very ordinary woman, but a natural with the baby. By the time she left the new mother was feeding, bathing and caring for the baby. By the time I got home she ad fixed dinner, more or less, somehow the apartment was picked up, the baby was bathed and dressed. Somehow this girl had grown up.

    Life is good.

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    Phew! You dodged the bullet there. I thought you were gonna say after the baby was born, she split.

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