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    Gay Male / 39

    My occupation is a detective in my home towns police force. I am independently very wealthy from inheritance. Some people know, but most don't. I have a couple of expensive cars and several expensive watches, and I live in an apartment in an expensive part of town. I am better than most at my job, I have an undergraduate in Political Science and a masters in Criminal Justice. I am very qualified for my job, physically, mentally, attitudinally, IQ wise, academically and have fifteen years of experience.

    But the thing I am known for is that I am gay. Frankly who gives a shit, being gay is absolutely the least important part of my life. It is irrelevant. But somehow my position is mine because of affirmative action for gays. Bull shit. I don't hide that I'm gay, I just don't care to flaunt it. I got my job because of my qualifications, aptitudes, scores, etc. There was no gay box on the application. I sometimes feel that people are stupid.

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    How many have you fucked who you've arrested
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    To #1: He's Police Detective, not an asshole like you. I am a straight male but do not run around criticizing others by their color, nationality, sex, sexual preference. I try to get along well with all and they all seem to appreciate and enjoy my company.
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    You are correct, most people are quite stupid and have more time on their hands than is good for them. So they meddle without truth figuring into it or anything else.
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    The question still stands how many men who you have arrested did you fuck and let them off, I have my own experiences and I have taken advantage of and received sexual favours, I am bisexual and take advantage of both sexes if its offered, come on spill
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    I agree with #2. I'm straight, and don't care that he's gay. He got his job for his qualifications. Not because he cried "Discrimination". Good for you bro.
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    Okay, no problem. He is a qualifies Police Officer so let it be. I was medically discharged from the military because of my hearing problem. I wear 2 hearing aids. My job in the military was law enforcement, a security policeman as they referred. Upon retirement and because of my many years experience in law enforcement I applied for a job with my city police department. The officer who interrogated me for the job wore glasses so thick one would suspect he was blind without them. He refused my entry because, in his words, "You wear hearing aids and if there happen to a break in someplace you would be unable to hear them." That stopped me. I asked him, "Would you be able to see them?" He released me without another word.
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