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  • — I Did It For The Money —
    Straight Female / 34

    After we had our second second son my husband and I went through a really bad phase financially, I wasn’t working, he lost his job and with a new baby we needed money for food and things for the baby including medicine.

    I went to see my old boss at a job I used to have, I knew that they always needed people with the office skills that my husband has. He was nice but as we were talking he got very close to me inside his office and he actually tried to kiss me but I turned the other way. He said that he could hire my husband but in the meantime we could go out to have a drink and - you know… get to an agreement…nobody else has to know, not even your husband - I put that in quotes because Im using exactly his words

    I left his office and told him I was going to let him know, I was in disbelief because I never thought he was going to say something like that. I couldnt sleep that night, we didnt have other options, that was the only stable job opportunity that my husband had but my ex boss wanted to have sex with me

    Well you already know what ended up happening. I couldnt believe when I grabbed my phone and sent my ex boss a text asking him when and where he wanted to see me

    We met at a bar that was conveniently located in the first floor of a hotel. We had two drinks, he kissed me in the mouth and he told me he had already paid for a room

    As soon as we got inside the room, he asked me to give him oral sex and I did it, I admit the drinks I had helped a lot! After that he grabbed me, got on top of me and he just fucked me over the bed. He wasnt really abusive but what can I say… he fucked me like a man, and when he got very turned on he fucked me hard, first on top of me and then on doggie style

    We had sex probably for 20 or 25 minutes… he didnt use a condom and he came inside of me. He could have gotten me pregnant but I guess he didnt care.

    When he finished as I said he wasnt abusive or a jerk but you know, he just acted like a man who had just fucked me. Before leaving he told me he was going to send me a text about when my husband can stop by. I told him that he can’t say about this to anybody, he looked at me and said - dont worry

    My husband got the job, it REALLY helped us in a big way in our financial situation at the time and at least I have to give credit to my ex boss because my husband never found out or never made any comment about anything strange between my ex boss and I.

    He stayed in that company for 2 years and as you can understand I strongly encouraged him to look for another job during all that time. He left after the 2 years and honestly I never told about this to anybody.

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    you asked for a favor and he told you what he wanted in return... you accepted and to be honest he was kind enough to not tell anybody on you and embarrass your husband... seems to me like you owe this guy a beer, but he would probably ask you for something else uh lol
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    She doesn't owe him a thing you idiot.
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    she doesn't owe him anything... she paid the favor... hey you got your family out of a crisis... just put it in the past, people have done worst things in life, at least yours was for a good reason
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    The ex boss was kind of a dick for expecting something and not just being a nice guy, but that's how the world works sometimes.
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    Yeah, the ex boss could have or should have fucked her a few more times. She should have gotten pregnant with his kid too since she wasn’t responsible enough to use any protection. But, maybe the boss wanted her husband more than her and she never found out the difference

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