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    Straight Male / 47

    I'm getting bolder.....

    I know my 14 year old daughter can hear the porn I'm playing in the bedroom when her mother is gone....

    She has found jailbait pictures on my computer....girls about her age in panties and bra....

    When I'm fucking her mom, I sometimes get pretty loud when I cum.....I know she can hear that, too.

    I wonder if it turns her on. She is sexy as fuck, and she loves just wearing shorts and t-shirts around the house....

    Sometim e soon, I want her to catch me stroking off...I leave the door cracked. Her bedroom is just down the hall.

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    Shorts and t-shirts are comfortable clothes, especially when the weather is warm, or the house is warm. As a teen, and even now, I tend to always be warm, so I wear lighter clothes. Skirts in the winter is a stretch.

    Point I'm making is that she's just wearing normal clothes, and more than likely she doesn't want to see her father naked, stroking, or listen to his porn. There's a good chance she thinks you're a pervert, and if she's seen those pictures she might be questioning the 'good man' she once thought her father was, especially if she feels you leering at her.

    She's also only 14 y/o. Why not tone down the porn, push your deviancy out of mind for a bit, and just try being a supportive, non-creep father. If she fancies you she will indicate it, but if she's not into, sickened by the idea of having her father lust after her, that is, the man who is supposed to be her rock and protector, then you are on a sure path to creating an irreconcilable divide that may ruin whatever relationship you once had.

    Just b/c she's an attractive girl, not yet a woman, doesn't mean you have license to lust after her. Jerk off on your own, door closed, volume down, and in private. 99% of all daughters out there don't want to think of their father as some deviant pervert.

    Growing up my father was lusted after by many of my friends, but it was gross to think of him in that way. I know it's only natural, men find younger women appealing, and vise versa, but if he ever watched porn I never knew about it, and if anything were to ever happen with any of my friends, I would not want to know about it.

    My point is, try putting yourself in your 14y/o daughter's place, not the sluts you look at online, your baby girl who loves you, and believes you love her, and would always protect her from any wrongdoing.

    If she starts approaching you, or flirting with you, I would be very cautious, think with that brain in your head, she is still your daughter, don't fuck up the rest of your lifelong relationship over some distorted fantasies.

    Alternatively, lay off the porn, and google activities, clean, tasteful activities that will foster your relationship, and that have nothing sexual about them. What does she like to do, what are her interests? She's a young girl; be a proper role model, not a reason for her to move out on her own at 15 or 16.
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    If she catches you, perhaps she'll tell her mother.
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    Thanks, #1....of course, I was spouting fantasies, not reality....but I will even lay off the fantasies. I would never actually do any of the things I was "confessing" but even thinking them is not healthy. PS: We had a nice family brunch earlier today and then walked around a shopping district. It was quite fun.
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