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    My mother worked at a car dealership, she was a single mom 34 and more or less OK to look at, but she had a hard thing about her and she didn't have a boyfriend. I was 16 and going through all that stuff. The head of the maintenance department had a thing for my mom and she complained about him all the time. More than once he had tried to get into her pants and she kept herself on the other side of the table whenever they were in a room together.

    So it was Saturday and a friend of mine and I went to see Jaws for the first time. We were in line, it was such a hot movie that people stood in line for a couple of hours to get in. The man from the dealership bought his ticket and saw me in line and asked to break in. He just broke in and told the people in the line that I was his daughter. In the movie he sat beside me and bought us popcorn and drinks and when the movie started he took my hand and he just wouldn't let it go. My friend kept hitting my shoulder asking what the deal was and all I could do was shrug. As the movie went on and the scary parts happened I grabbed onto his forearm. When we left the theater his arm was gashed and bleeding where I had stuck my fingernails into him.

    He took me to the little boy's room and told the guy in there to leave and he locked the door (it was my first time in a boy's bathroom and the first time I saw a urinal, which is a whole different story) and he had me wash his arm with soap and water and dry it with the towel (in those days there weren't paper towels or hand blowers, just a towel on a roller). After I had finished doing what he told me he said he wanted a kiss, and not a stupid girl kiss, he wanted a real kiss and he grabbed me and took my behind into his hands and pressed me up against him and kissed me on the mouth. After a minute or two he released me a little and used one free hand to grab my boobs and tell me that as far as he was concerned I was all woman and I was ready. Ready for what? He turned me around and told me to hold onto the sink got my pants down and he screwed me on my tiptoes.

    Well that was the way you lost your virginity in those days, some girls lost it in the back of the car, or under the bleachers, or out behind the basketball court, and I lost it in the boy's bathroom at the movie theater. To me it was glorious, it was so glorious that the first thing I told my girlfriend when I walked out of the boy's bathroom is that I had lost my cherry. She wasn't good at secrets and one person to another it wasn't long before the word got back to my mother. When she confronted me with it I had to confess who it was. Well that was the end of it. Except for one detail, he could have her fired, so she kept her mouth shut. But from then on when he grabbed onto her she let him, when he pushed over the table in his office she let him, when he came to the house for dinner which she now fixed for him and he took her back into the bedroom she let him. Anything for him not to go after me again.

    He never grabbed me like that again, but he sure wanted to. He would call me over to talk to me and he would send his eyes up and down me, stop at my chest and stop at my crotch. He liked my crotch because he looked at my crotch all the time. If my mother caught him she would slap him and tell him to look at her. As for me, I liked him looking at me like that and did everything I could to give him something to look at.

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    Your mom tried to keep him off you alright but she should have realized that once you had lost your cherry,no way to get it back.
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    Great story. From 1977? Iâm sure you grew up and moved out and your mom dumped him then? You gotta tell us how it ends!

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