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    Not allowed to poo!

    First off, personal bio: I'm a 16 year old girl who is average height and reasonably skinny. I love to read the posts, Megan so sorry to hear about your story xxx. Well here's mine... 

    It Was a Sunday night and my mom was having guests over for dinner. I had been constipated for the entire weekend and my last stool i did was the Wednesday before the weekend. So on the Saturday i decided to take loads of natural laxatives like herbal tea and spinach. By Sunday night the need to poo was destroying me so i got my book that i always take in the bathroom to read and made my way to the toilet quite anxiously when my mom stopped me because she saw the book that i always take when i go for a poo. She said to me "i hope your not going for a number 2" I just shook with fear and desperation and said no. She walked away while saying "good because the Johnson's will be here any minute and i don't want you to embarrass me" I just slowly walked upstairs thinking to myself what am i gonna do! We only have one bathroom and I'm not to leave the house as i have guests coming. I was panicking so much as my butt started rumbling violently. I thought i might as well try asking so i went down to my mom and said "seriously mom, i really need to go i haven't gone since Wednesday!" she simply said "sorry but you'll have to wait its not my problem you held it in all this time." I was so angry. Next thing i know they arrived and after a few moments of greeting we were sat at the dinner table. From basically all of the meal i was fidgeting trying to hold my huge load in. 

    I was silent the whole evening. But when i went to clean up the dishes, i had so much gas and it was pushing its way out of me. I was alone in the kitchen and our dinning room was a few rooms away from our kitchen. So i decided to fart to relieve the pressure. I did so and because it was so relieving i started farting constantly. My face probably looked like i was having an orgasm because it felt so good!!! While letting the wet farts loose my mom came in i didn't realize. I was in the middle of letting off a really gross enduring wet one that came out slowly sperrrrrrrrrrrrrrrgh! I had the face on this one too, my eyes squinting and my mouth wide open. Then my mom shouted "Ruby! That is absolutely foul! Go to your room until the guests have gone, we'll talk later." My face was so red. I quietly made my way to my bedroom crying. I was sobbing on my bed in embarrassment and desperation. I thought to my self at least i can let off gas here. So i began and after about 5 i decided to stop because i didn't want to fill my knickers. Time went slowly as i layed impatiently. 

    The next thing i know it was the next day i must of fell asleep, i don't know how i managed that. But when i woke up i treated it as a normal day until i stood up and the enormous urge to poo hit me. I made my way downstairs to the bathroom and then noticed my sister was in there. She must of needed to go last night too, because she was taking her time plus i could hear her. She must of had something wrong with her too because what i heard weren't pretty. 

    S he was taking far too long for my patience, so i got my bag and left for school, thankfully my school doesn't require uniform. I was walking on a small narrow pathway. I had fart trouble again so i did to relieve pressure and after about 20 (no exaggeration) i had this one that lasted quite long and at the end, it shot out a bulk of poo! Leaving me to hold my bum with both of my hands and stand still in shock for a moment until, another rumble came that brought some gross mushy poo. After that it started to spray, loosing control of my legs i ran into a bush violently shoving my cloths down and then squatted as my wave of crap literally sprayed out also with a lot of gas. I was lucky that no one really used the footpath because i don't think anyone heard and saw me. When it was all over i had another problem my cloths were covered in shit. So i just wore my gym kit to school and put the crapped on ones in a plastic bag. 

    Then in school the urge was bad again. It was my 4th lesson and i was fidgeting again on a chair. I was trying not to fart so bad! The bell rang for lunch and i made my way to the girls bathrooms. I had made it! I released the most relieving torrent of diarrhea and mush that i have ever experienced. All i could do was just let it out holding my head high with legs wide apart. A few minutes later it was getting ridiculous i had let so much out and it was still coming in waves. My hands were gripping my stomach as i moaned quietly thinking of how disgusting i felt. But it's good to get it all out of your system as they say. I got home after a long day and my mom was on the couch, she said "hey sweetie how was your day?" I ignored her i went upstairs to my room. I think she got the idea of why i was angry at her. I didn't speak to her properly for like a week! Too right in my opinion though. 

    Has anyone else held in a dump for ages like that? 

    I feel so gross and ashamed about the whole thing, to this day i regret it... even though it was only a couple of weeks ago. 

    Ruby x 

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