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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 53

    My childhood friend and I talk about the 'long walk home'. We were not of age to have been left alone at the fair. We were supposed to be picked up later around nine at the front entrance but we got bored and left early deciding to walk back to my grandmother's house which was the closest house. Still it was a couple of miles so we took the short cut which went across this empty land between the railroad and the town, but on the other side was my grandmother's subdivision.

    At the railroad, when we crossed over we ran into a drifter. He told us to stop and he lowered his pants and started to masturbate. We wanted to leave but he told us we had to watch. His penis got hard and he pumped back and forth we stood there like zombies watching his penis as it got bigger and bigger. Then it got real big and started to spit out this gunk, spit after spit until he stopped spitting out of his penis. He asked us to come over and touch his penis. When we stepped forward he took my hand and put it on his penis and told me to wrap my fingers around it and pull on it. To milk it like you milk a cow. Then he had my friend hold his penis. Then he offered to grab ours. We should have run but we didn't.

    He jerked on me for a couple of minutes and my penis got hard and he leaned over and sucked on it for a couple of minutes asking me how I liked it. I liked it a lot and he jerked on me while he sucked me and he got me to spit out my junk. He said it tasted really good and he wanted some more so my he jerked off my friend and sucked him until he also shot out his junk and he tasted it. He took us into the shrubs to this small camp that he had and he rubbed my butt with his hand and asked me if I liked that and then put his hand into my pants until he found my hole with his middle finger and holding me hard against him fingered me for a real long time while my friend watched. He offered my friend but he said no and then he asked us to touch his penis again which we did and to jerk him off again. We both sucked his penis really hard like we were going to suck his stuff out of him but in the end we managed to give him a second time but it was a whole lot less junk than the first time.

    We left him and walked back to the fair and stood out in front of the entrance and waited for my mother to pick us up. For all these years my friend and I talk about that night as the 'long walk home', which is what we said to ourselves when we first agreed to walk to my grandmother's house.

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    My neighborhood was new with lots of empty lots. I rode my bike up and down the empty street. A man, today we call them homeless, called me over and asked me to go get him some bread. I went home and told my mom and she made him a ham sandwich. She walked out with me but he backed off, my mother calling him to come get the sandwich. She offered him to make a dollar if he raked the yard. She was set upon by him. My mother swore me to secrecy, my father must never know about that man. They are both deceased, but I learned never to trust men like that.
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    When I was 10 I had a 15 year old boy doting over me and how beautiful he said I was. Eager to please him I stripped down to just my underpants as he suggested. I got my first look at a sexually developed penis and curiously found it attractive. A few minutes later I laid on my stomach my tightywhitie underpants hastily pulled down in the back revealing my well shaped blushing pink boy cheeks. His well shaped long thin black boy's penis well lubricated with a volume of spit pried my virgin cheeks apart and like a well behaved boy that I was I pushed when he told me to and it slipped slowly in my boy pussy. It throbbed and spat volumes of boy cum into my innocence lost. Something I knew nothing about but soon became quite familiar with.

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