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  • — I Did It For The Money —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 20

    I started when I was 17. I met a much older woman 40 plus years older than me, on a nude beach in Florida. She lived in an apartment that was next to the beach and we went there. I had lunch, a blowjob, and my first pussy. I fucked her 2 times. I kept going back, she enjoyed it, I loved it and we spent all the time naked in her apartment when we weren't naked on the beach. Eventually she got me to have sex with some of her older friends. I didn't mind as I wanted pussy, no matter what age, weight, or looks. After one of the women who was 76 years old she started leaving $200 each time I fucked her. So my friend realized that we could make some money.

    That's how I started fucking women and later getting fucked by men and fucking men, for money. Mostly it's old women, or sometimes women in the 40's or 50's whose husband has cheated on them and they want to get even. On a few occasions its a couple of women who are only 29 and 36 respectively. The younger is very fat (like 300lbs) with tiny little titties and a huge belly. The other one at 36, has a little chubby body, pear shaped with a wide ass, nice sized tits, but is really unattractive. I fuck them all. It's not what most people think when they think about fucking for money. It's not rich, women who are 40 years old wanting pleasure, it's old, fat or unattractive women and girls, and men who want to sneak around and get fucked or fuck a boy on the side and don't want anyone to know about it. That is who pays for sex. I oblige them.

    I am writing about this one last weekend. We met at my friends apartment, spent the day with her at the nude beach, then came the sex. She wanted me to fuck her and cum inside her because her husband had been fucking a younger woman without a rubber. She wanted to go back to her husband, evidently he knew about what was going to happen, and make him lick her and fuck her with my sperm inside her. She and I went naked into the bedroom and closed the door, she laid down spread her legs, and told me to "get on with it". I tried to lick her pussy and tits to help get her lubed up, but she said no, I couldn't even kiss her. She rubbed herself to get herself lubed and I got on top and fucked her. No sound from her, no words, she just wanted my cock inside her, fucking her, and leaving my sperm. She told me to be a quick as I could as it wasn't for her to enjoy. I came in about 15 minutes and she got up, immediately pulled her panties on, walked out to the living room and left an envelope with my friend then proceeded to get dressed. Then she left.

    My friend heard from her later, that she did indeed tell her husband to come to the bedroom when she got home and he did his "duty" and she got even. I kinda liked it, no sound, no pressure to make the woman enjoy, no old men trying to stick it up my ass. Just lay down, fuck me, and leave. It wasn't bad.

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    a good tale about fucking all kinds of pussy from 21 to 70 of age.

    I am all about the women but won,t guys. Show me the cash and open

    the pussy wide open.
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    When I was in college I did it with older guys for $$$$ sometims. including uncle who gave me $500 to fuck me bareback.
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    A lot of lube must have been used.
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    You ainât nothing but a whore!
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    With all the fake fantasy stories on here posing as real this is one of the rare times I believe the story is true
    9 days ago

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