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    Bi-Sexual Male / 46

    I certainly do not know where this came from, all I know is when it started. I was in Hong Kong on business, dead tired from the flight and just wanting a little supper and then to bed. It was in the coffee shop at the hotel when this other traveler suggested that we keep each other company and we had our dinner together. He was much more talkative than I was and he offered to take me to this bar where there was Karaoke, he said it was fun watching these Chinese pretend to be American artist.

    The place was crowded, 95% Chinese and the singing was loud and bad and sometimes good, and the crowd was enthusiastic, and one after another was pushed on stage. I hadn't noticed but then I moved my hand and I realized he had his hand on mine and was holding it. I feeling of whatever went over me from head to toe, do I move my hand and break his focus? Do I just sit there? When we left he was very talkative and when we got back to the hotel he asked if he could come up to my room for a nightcap. He of course knew what he was doing and the nightcap turned into a battle to let him suck me and after he sucked me to have me suck him which I surrendered to but I did suck him. We ended up naked on the bed, he offered to pleas me but I just couldn't go that far, it was bad enough that we were both naked and I had sucked his cock. He then gave me the bill, 200 Honk Kong dollars for the night out.

    The memories of that night, the feelings that I know had just wouldn't quiet down. I met a man at a Pizza Parlor and he talked me into going with him and I sucked his cock, this time without being forced. I told him how much of a novice I was and he took it in stride and let me suck on his cock until he needed to do something with it and I succumbed to having anal sex with him. After that I was more and more turned on by it, checking out the man at the post office, the man in the checkout line, the man sitting alone at the mall food court. I sent body messages but nothing clicked. I found out by trial and error that hanging out at the Denny's counter late at night brought out some men who were looking and that is where I hooked up, back to their motel room beside the Denny's and I was able to succumb to my desires. But all this was hit and miss, I needed something regular, a place where I could go and hook up.

    The internet was new and my outlet continued being the Denny's with men driving through and one night the cook asked me if I ever went to this bar, which was down the freeway about ten miles. I should go he said, I might find it interesting. I went to my first gay bar. I didn't know the protocols so I waited to be propositioned which didn't happen, I was too old it seemed, all the young guys were hooking up but not me. I went back to the Denny's and hooked up that night right away. I found out that the night cook was the one sending men my way.

    I am retired and moved to where the winters aren't so cold and I found a small grill where you can sit and wait for a fly to come and sit beside you and start up a conversation. I know what to say now and I can 'see' much better now and hardly ever make a mistake. Most of the customers there are down for a couple of weeks and some come looking for my sort of company. I stay connected and my friend at the door sends men my way if he thinks they are my type. I reward him with nice gifts.

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    I'm a married man....
    But if I cam in your grill, I'm sure I would find myself sitting next to you.

    I just ADORE talk with, seducing, and ultimately being sucked by good cock-sucking older men.
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    Good story. Funny world most of us dont know exists.
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    Iâd love to know more about picking up guys in public, Iâm married bi love sucking, but finding guys that just want heâd is sometimes difficult. Please coach me in the art of picking you guys that need amazing head.

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