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    Straight Female / 40

    Following an acquisition that went against us, I took a job at a privately held company. The boss and owner surrounded himself with 'honeys', hot and young for marketing and for trade shows. It was pretty obvious that they were available for his use. Coming from big Corp and trained in HR under a very progressive boss I was shocked and angry to see how these girls were hired and that they were available at trade show parties with customers. It was my moral duty to stop all this.

    My new boss told me to fuck off, in those words and leave his girls alone. I struggled with my job, my morals, my anger at how these women were treated, the unfair above market wage they got paid, many thousands of dollars above me. I called one of these employees in and spoke with her. She told me to fuck off and get out of her life. Her salary was forty percent above mine, she was a college drop out against my Master's Degree, and my years of professional experience. She told her boss, he called me in and told me to walk away from this.

    I had scheduled a trip to Greece and to my surprise my boss he made arrangements to come along. In Greece he was another man, gracious and horny, and little by little he overcame my excuses. I went back probably the oldest woman he had ever seduced. He was the oldest man I had ever had sex with. After giving into him I fell in line and stopped trying to stop the girl factor in marketing. Over the next several years I came to understand that his honeys were all in, to sleep with the boss and to sleep with customers. And like them I stayed there because I couldn't find another job that paid enough.

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    Well,did you ever get a raise? Did you fuck anymore?

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