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    Bi-Sexual Male / 52

    I'm 62, Married since 18 and bi since I was mid 40's. I have always has a super high sex drive. I started jerking off spying on my older sister, or into a pair of her underwear at 13. I enjoyed oral sex with my girlfriends in school, but my first real sex was with my passed out older sister.

    At 18 my girlfriend got pregnant and we got married. As much as I wanted to have sex all the time, she wouldn't do it every time I wanted. Many times she would say, " just go jerk off "
    Then I would go in the bathroom or bedroom and do just that, sometimes up to 5 times a day.

    It was a problem, and one that continued thru our marriage.
    We did move back to where we grew up and I started to have occasional sex with my Married older Sister again. She was in somewhat of the same boat, and it has worked for us to this very day. We get together atleast once every 2 weeks

    I always had the hots for one of my Wife's younger Sisters, and I'd always flirt with her, rub or grab her ass, and many times think of her while having sex with my wife.

    Finally on vacation in 2000 she got sick of me bugging her and did give me a handjob in the condo kitchen, but that's as far as that ever got.

    In our mid 40's My Wife got colon cancer and had surgery and treatment. Ever since then, she will no longer take part in sex. The radiation along with menopause has dried her up, and with an ostomy bag, she no longer feels good or attractive enough for sex. I pleaded for years, and there's no convincing her.

    Meanwhile I'm still flushing cum 4-5 times a day down the toilet.
    Once when I think I was 45, she walked in and I was looking at porn and jerking off.
    She stood and watched until I was done, and then said " If you need sex, just go and get it, just don't get anyone pregnant".

    I think she was just sick of me being in the other room doing it.
    By the time I was 50, our kids were all gone from home, I had been picking up random women, both single and married.
    Married was better as there wasn't as much drama.
    The best was a Married Coworker of my wife's, but after about a year, she said she couldn't do it anymore.

    I started going to the Adult book store and hanging out in the booths watching porn and jerking there.

    It was there I got my first sample of gay sex. Great no strings sex.
    It started with getting blowjobs, then giving blowjobs, to fucking these young guys asses.

    It's a College town and I have been busy for over 15 years now hooping up with young 18-22 year old guys that want to be bottomed.
    I have no interest in being a bottom, but love to have sex with these guys, some are very muscular tight football players. A few I've had 4 year relationship with until the graduate.

    I still have sex with my Sister and an occasional lady friend.
    My Wife and I both agreed for me to have a vasectomy when this all started, of course back then I was only fucking women.

    Well this almost came to a head last weekend, as I had fucked one of my wife's best friends husband. I got him going to the ABS and he has started to like it too.

    Anyways his Wife called my Wife last Thursday and told her she thinks her Husband is seeing guys. She found dried semen in his underwear!

    My Wife came right out and asked me if I have ever fucked a guy?

    I told her that I had, I enjoyed it, and that I didn't want to stop. She didn't say much else, I didn't lie to her, and time marches on.

    I don't bother her for sex, I'm hardly jerking off anymore, maybe once a day, but getting sex 3-4 times a week when school is in session.

    I never thought my life would ever be like this, but it has and I'm ok with it.

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    I'm also in a sexless marriage but have a high sex drive. Massage parlors, bathhouses, and the occasional adult bookstores. Not my first choice, but I'm not ready to give up sex or on my marriage.
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    I am in the same situation for long. I'm now in my 60s and I did not fuck my wife for the last 10 yrs or so - she lost interest in sex!! We are now separated. I masturbate almost at regular basis, and lately, I have become close to my widow sister, younger to me by 2 yrs. We now have sex to our hearts content. She is passed menopause but has high sexual libido. She is a little bit chubby, ample boobs with little sag, excellent fat pussy lips. I suck on the lips for hours giving her initial orgasms and she suck on my cock till I come. Soon after that our fucking goes on for hours as my next ejaculation is delayed because of bj she gave me. We love she-on-top riding my cock position and we can synchronize our climaxes almost at the same time. I talked about introducing a third man for black cock, into our sex but she is happy with mine!!
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    A good friend of mine is in a sexless marriage but I became his outlet. One night after a few beers I suggested some porn, that led to both of us stroking our cocks then, at my insistence, I sucked him off. It became a regular thing for us. He'd drop by, I'd suck him off. Then another friend mentioned he wasn't getting any at home so now, two hard cocks to please. One night the first guy mentioned bringing a buddy of his so now, I have three hard cocks to suck. Only one wife is aware of it but none of us really care. She has thanked me for giving her husband an outlet and I am only too happy to be sucking all that cock and swallowing all that cum!
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