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    Straight Female / 28

    I was around 12 or 13 when I started to fake I was a boy. My mother had enough of it but I never wore girl clothes, I was slight and narrow hipped and small breasts, I wore all boy clothes including boxer shorts. Periods were my nemesis, my mom flat out refused to buy me tampons, she bought me camisoles, no bra I wore a camisole and band aids on my nipples.

    But every one I knew I had grown up around, brothers and sisters, cousins, aunts, uncles, neighbors, and I went to school with the same kids. Everyone new I was a girl. So I had to wait to go to college. I was the smoothest cheeked freshman, I looked a 15 year old boy, and my hips may be small for girls, but they are definitely there, girl hips, girl buttocks, girl arms and girls eyes and girl ankles and hands and voice and periods. I bought a pack of panties at Target, bought a sundress and went public.

    I got so much attention, hits. Even interest from a girl. I dated so carefully, what if the boy wanted a kiss or worse? Better stay away from boys, better just have girlfriends. Fortunately that's what happened, other girls, no queer girls, just girls.

    I took a job as an accountant, passed the CPA, specialized in Financial Reporting, had a boss who gave me visibility, I was finally in a world where I could be masculine. Well, as long as my boss put up with it, but he didn't. Assertive was ok, masculine was not. And why not? Look between your legs, that's why. He sent me to the bathroom to check. I didn't go, I sulked. That did it, men like girls that sulk, wear dresses and nice shoes. And girls who will sit in the right seat, hold their arm, bring them a glass of water. I had to let him kiss me, and hold me and not get away.

    My wedding was pretty big, my parents were so relieved I was marrying a man. At least a dozen friends asked me if I remembered when I wanted to be a boy. Being a girl is ok, but sometimes I want to be a boy.

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    I understand. For me being a boy is fine, but sometimes I want to be a girl.

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