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    Bi-Sexual Female / 51

    My name is Stephanie and I grew up all over the world, so to speak, my father was a diplomat and was stationed in several countries during my growing up years. During my seventh to tenth grades we were in Latin America and I was the pretty one in class. We went to a private high school which had mostly wealthy local families and a few expats like us. I was fourteen and I was developing quite fine, so fine that my father told my mother to cover me up, he didn't want anyone paying attention to my attributes. At school I took off those clumsy sweaters and showed off my attributes. One of the ninth grade boys teased me and touched my tits, first one and then the other until I was up against the lockers and he pulled up my skirt to see my panties and left me while doing the local "I am going to fuck you" sing with his hands.

    The local girls never associated with us, we were known for being easy and they were very prim and proper and no boy dared to touch their tits or pull up their skirts. At parties we danced close, held tight by the small of our back against them as the boys ground their erections against us. The local girls danced with their arm extended keeping the boys at arm's length. The boys showed us their dicks when we went for a drive with them and we learned how to jack them off and give them a blow job. We always wore a dress on a date and let the boy feel us up and finger us. The only time we wore pants was when Johnny had come and we advertised our state like that. The local girls never did anything like that, by the time we were in the ninth grade none of us were virgins, we all gave blow jobs, we had learned how to fuck doggy style and we were experienced kissers. The local girls were just then learning that if they wanted a boyfriend they needed to hold hands.

    My seventh to tenth grade time was the best time for me growing up. After Latin America my father was posted to conservative Malaysia and you had to really behave there. By the time I went to college I was so ready to just let go that I gave the first boy I went out with a blow job and 'lapped' it all up. I gave a boy doggie sex at a party and full bed sex after that. He lived with his sister who was also a first year student and she didn't want her brother with a girl like me. She reminded me of those girls in Latin America, so full of shit about sex, and so jealous that they couldn't get laid. I pinned her down on her bed and shoved my face into her crotch and told her she needed to get laid. Well it turned out that shoving my face in her crotch gave me a rush and she pretended to push my head away but she let me open her legs and lose myself in her wet pussy. I loved that, I got so much out of it and she let me gobble down her tits and kiss her and lick the inside of her mouth with my tongue. Her brother fucked me doggie style while I ate her. It was the beginning of a period of wild sex parties, finding several more girls and boys who wanted to have group sex and participated in same sex and opposite sex. I had my pussy but one party her brother decided that he would fuck her. That is what brought all that stuff to a dead stop. No more parties, no more sex with him, fucking his sister was strictly off limits.

    After college I went to work for the State Department as an analyst, I gave a Political Science degree and I had to behave. I wanted to behave. In those jobs any form of sexual deviancy was a grounds for dismissal. Straight up sex with a spouse, but messing around with a coworker or worse messing around with another girl was strictly verboten. It was during my stint at the State Department that I was contacted by one of the boys that I had known in Latin America. He was in Washington with his country's diplomatic corps and we went out and behaved. We didn't really talk about those days in Junior High, we went straight from the restaurant to bed and had incredible sex, I had been on the side lines far too long. We got married, I left my job for security reasons and being a good housewife went straight into motherhood and raised a wonderful family.

    My husband and I are now retired, we travel the world, he is very wealthy and always has been, and we collect sexual partners from time to time, sometimes an older couple our age who wants to have some fun, sometimes a traveling boy or girl who needs a bit of money, sometimes we pay to play. We met a younger woman who was working at the front desk in Santiago and invited her to go sight seeing with us and it turned out that she prefers to sleep naked with a woman and loves to have her pussy played with. She reminds me of my first girl back in college, she just wanted to have her pussy eaten and I love to eat pussy and have my husband fuck me while I'm eating her. We invited her to Washington for a visit and we got along fine. Making love with her just does something to my insides.

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    Super hot post, Stephanie. Ahh, the life of a diplomat!

    I also live in Washington, DC, but I'm a professor. So I have been able to fuck around with both boys and girls (adults) when I teach in different countries around the world. I'd love to see my wife play with another couple -- I am so eager to see her getting fucked by a older gentleman (I'm 62 -- she's 47) while I fuck the wife. I've played with couples many times, and adore it...

    I'd love to meet you Stephanie, and I'm sure we could find a way to do this.
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    Super hot. B. I wish I could meet Steph. D. That's so juicy. O. I'm 26 male. G. And all I dream off is to fuck a bi-sexual older woman. B. Experienceed and wild. B. Like way older than I am. H. Thanks for posting. F. I also live in DC. F. Hmu. G.
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    Hello Stephanie...this is #1. Maybe both hot young guy and I could meet you....
    Lunch in Georgetown?

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