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    Between my undergraduate and graduate program I rented a small house near Barcelona in a small village on the Mediterranean. I took a walk every day, I loved the morning on the sea and would stop for coffee at this small café on the way back to the house. This was a morning routine and after several mornings the man who ran the place spoke to me, and I spoke back with my broken Spanish and we became friends. He told me about his village and that he had been born there but he worked all his life as a truck driver for a beer distributor until he retired and opened the small café. After several conversations he told me about this small restaurant that I should go try and suggested that if I was free that evening I could meet him there. We had our dinner of local seafood and after dinner we went for a walk along the main highway towards his apartment building and he invited me inside. Once inside he offered me a coffee or a glass of wine and said that he always thought that I was a good looking young man, stood close to me and told me that he was going to kiss me. "Come to me and let me enjoy your company", and he unbuttoned my shirt and helped me get out of my pants and he undid his shirt and got out of his pants and presented me with his cock to suck. I closed my eyes and sucked him. I lay back on his bed and he leaned over me kissing me and playing with my nipples and sucking my cock. I asked him if he had anything to help because I was scared to have him go in without any form of lubricant. He looked around and came back with a jar and I opened my legs so that he could lube me up.

    That night in that small village on the coast I had what was up till then my best fuck. It was him, he wasn't new to any of it, he knew just how to proceed and he was both gentle and firm and made sure that I enjoyed it as much as he did. For the rest of my summer months, while I got ready to go to graduate school I went for my walk in the morning and joined him for a cup of coffee at his café. If no one was there he would run his hand through my hair, we had sex most every night, waking up in his bed, watching him get ready for the day, I loved to watch his shave in the morning sun, his hairy chest and belly, his cock between his legs. That's the image of I have of him. Everyone should have a summer like mine, a carefree summer romance. He would march down to open the doors to his business and I would get ready and go and take my walk on the beach.

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