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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 34

    When I was younger I had a male-affair with a friend. It wasn't like either of us was gay or felt attracted to other boys instead of to girls. It was just that we discovered that a friendship could include romantic expressions and thatthis was very enjoyable. Our affair contined the whole time that we were in high school.
    My parnets were divorced so it was just my mom and me, and we were close and always had a very good mother-son relationship. She susptced that there was something going on between me and my friend, although she was very open-minded and understanding and had no problem with that. She would sometimes tease me and make remarks about the two of having our clothes back on by the time she came home.
    He and I did have sex, and quite often and we throughly enjoyed this. Nobody aside from my mom ever knew, of course, and neither of us never became gay. But now looking back I am very glad that I got to have this experience and I have very fond memories of those times.
    Personally I think that there is far too much pressure and wrong thinking about this whole gay issue, and that really it is quite nomral for two boys - or two gilrs - to enjoy having a close and even sexual side to their friendship if they feel like it and without any harm or consequence. Perhaps one day people will be able to just be opne about such things without pointing fingers and labeling either way.

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    62 y/o male here. When I was younger, it was common to have other boys over to spend the night. We would always be horny talking about the girls in the neighborhood and how we wanted to see them naked and have sex with them. It's too bad we didn't take that extra step to relieve ourselves. I think of all the dicks I could have sucked and how happy we could have all made each other. I love seeing a guy's dick for the 1st time now and enjoy finding the big ones that are a challenge. I still love pussy but a nice, fat thick cock in my mouth is so fun. I love having other guys watch me jackoff and cum, too.
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    I was the 10 year old bottom boy to a boy who was 15. We did it till I moved at 12. We both liked it, how each other felt, for him it was my perfectly shaped and tight little ass and how it would uncontrollably spasm while being fucked. For me it was his perfectly proportioned penis, it's smooth tapered shape nesting in his small soft patch of hair. It was so cute that after he had been fucking me for a few months I surprised him with a soprano suggestion that he "let me try sucking it, okay, I really want to?"

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