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    Straight Male / 46

    Here goes,

    Wife is 50, blonde and still fit.
    She will sometimes when we see a pretty girl say something like look at that butt.
    But don't ask her if she likes females, she will say hell no, but appreciates attractive ladies. Whatever that means.
    Two years ago, a very hot girl, married, we have known for years, watched her grow up, at 26 had a baby.
    She would come over at times and visit. I had noticed a leak on her blouse. She joked about it with the wife.
    After she left I asked wife about those things, she explained it all to the dummy me.
    They are full and producing.
    I said dam, I'd like to see those puppies. To my surprise she said I'm sure they are perfect.
    I noticed she Emily, the girl, was coming over often. Usually when I was gone, I suspected and hoped.
    I noticed in hamper my wife's blouse wet down the front a very damp towel. I suspect her getting leaked on?
    My wife admitted to helping her with expressing her milk, she said women do that.
    I have noticed it's not unusual for new moms to come by since.
    Fast forward, at 28 Emily has her second. I'm getting to the bottom of this.
    Wife claims she is in no way bi but has a fetish for nursing boobs and what they give.
    Never kissed the ladies or anything like that, just a boob thing.
    She has even had wine glass half full of milk in fridge, and offered some for me. I must say it is
    really hot sipping some and then seeing that lady next time knowing what she taste like.

    Anyway, women, is this a normal fetish that ladies think about?

    I have no prob with it!

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    Originator. I'm 56 not 46.
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    My wife does the same things. Never saw her "looking over" a woman, and says not bi.
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    My kids were breastfeeding, my wife would have me nurse to take the pressure off her breasts when she had too much milk. She just needed the relief, but it would make me horny, so she would give me handjobs while I nursed from her breasts and drank her milk. Now I get horny whenever I see a young mom breastfeeding a child....

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