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    Straight Male / 42

    I have a sexting gf. We met at work and were instantly flirty with each other. After a couple months she was promoted to a new office on the other side of the country (we never did anything, other than flirt). Shortly after I started getting flirty texts from her. It didn't take long for the flirty texts to become full on sexting, and she is literally open to anything sexting (These are way past sexual banter, I bought a burner phone so to keep them away from my family's eyes). Here is where my dilemma comes in.

    Last month I had some brain fart and typed in the phone number manually. I sent it to my wife instead (thankfully no pics in that one). I didn't realize what happened until it was already gone. I thought, "No problem, it's on the burner number." I got a response a couple days later.

    My wife responding in kind and continuing the sexy chain. I didn't even know she knew what some of this stuff is, but she followed up and got even dirtier. She even included pics! I JO to her pics almost every day.

    She has become way more sexual since we've been sexting too, but nothing resembling a lot of things in our sexts.

    She is great in bed, but now I wonder if she wants to explore some of the sexuality described in our sexts (at least the 2 person stuff to start out). We routinely sext about thing that we have never done together.

    This has me so horny all the time I JO daily, sometimes multiple times, and we fuck like bunnies almost every night.

    My quandry: do I or don't I, and how if I do?

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    It works for you go for it. Great idea.

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