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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 28

    At the ripe old age of fifteen I lost my virginity to a woman who was married, has two sons and one of those sons was and still is one of my best mates.
    Her husband was having his fortieth birthday party at his house, my mate invited me along to try and snatch some beer, and his mum caught us. She was about to tell her husband we were going to steal some alcohol, but instead told her son to go back inside and she'd see me home.
    Half way across the cut, a scraggy piece of land filled with half grown tree's and scrub bushes, she asked me if the rumours were true. When I innocently asked her what rumours, she gripped my cock through my jeans and said "I guess they are".
    Within less than a minute she had my cock out, she'd knelt down and I was having my first ever blow job. I stood frozen in fear and awe. Fear of who her husband was, and awe at how wonderful it felt to have my dick sucked by such a beautiful older woman.
    No more than a few minutes of sucking my dick, she stood up lifted her short loose fitting skirt and moved her knickers to one side. Telling me she didn't have all night as she held onto a small tree, I stood behind her and broke my virgin cherry.
    The feeling of my cock sliding up her extremely wet pussy, will stay with me forever. As will the whole scenario of fucking such a gorgeous woman. Encouraging me to fuck her harder, I did as she asked and was soon giving her I hoped what she and I by then both wanted. Unfortunately being so young I didn't last that long, but long enough to hear her cry out and shake on my cock.
    As soon as I'd cum up her pussy, she stood up, pulled her knickers straight and told me to get on home. But before I moved off in a daze of lust and youthful love, she made me promise not to say anything to anyone, and to visit her the following day.
    It was a Saturday. I'd cried off, as she'd told me to, watching football which her son, my best mate, who went to with his dad and brother as I spent three of the most wonderful hours learning how to make a woman happy with my lips, tongue and cock.
    Over the next few months there was nothing we didn't try together sexually, and at one point she was talking about sharing me with her husband. That scared me off after a while, because I learned her husband supposedly liked to fuck young men too, and no one was having my arsehole.
    Even so before we stopped having sex, I was hammering her arsehole each time we fucked. Then out of the blue, her husband became ill and within weeks it seemed, he passed away.
    After that they moved and my friendship with her son dwindled. Obviously the sex stopped and I moved onto fucking many mnay more girls and women. But none of them has taken that first essence of sexual thrill out of my mind.
    And that's why I'm here.
    In eight weeks from now I'm getting married to a stunning woman. She's everything you could possible be, to and with another person. All except and I swear up until a couple of months ago I didn't know, she's the cousin of a best mate of mine who's going to be as of two months ago, my best man.
    As soon as we got back in touch after such a long time, we met to catch up. It was like we'd never stopped being best mates and our relationship only strengthened when he said this to me in a pub "Mum misses you too........ Yes I always knew you and my mum were at it. Dad kind of did too, but then she is still Gorgeous".
    He'd known all along and said nothing. As had his dad. I still don't know why he never said anything, but then I guess that's his prerogative to live with.
    I've since met his mum again and she's just as beautiful now as she was thirteen years ago. At forty eight, the woman who taught me everything about sex, pleasing a woman and how to fuck one in all her love holes, is still just as alluring to me now. She tells me i'm still the best lover she's ever had and she also tells me when we see each other, she'd seduce me all over again if I wasn't with her niece.
    However there's always a glint in her eye when she says it. After all she didn't care she was fucking me when her husband was alive. So why should she be mindful of her sisters daughter. A girl she hardly knows after she stopped speaking to her sister for some years.
    The last part.
    My finacee's aunt told me only a week or so ago, she'd like me to call round. I was skeptical as I knew if she offered herself to me, I'd find it hard to refuse. She did offer herself and I'm not over stating this, she is far more amazing now. I amazed myself by refusing her advances, but only because we'd just chatted about the wedding. Looking at her neatly trimmed pussy and tight looking arsehole as she offered them up from behind, I so wanted to bury my cock deep into her holes.
    Walking away that day, she said "You know you're staying over here the night before your wedding" I was about to answer when she added "You know you'll fuck me, why deny yourself everything you want".
    And the truth of it is, she's right.

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