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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Female / 28

    My first clear memory of a man looking at me was at the beach one summer when my mother took us to a beach weekend with her boss. We came up from the sand and the rule was that you washed off before going into the pool or going into the house to change. For that there was a shower on the ground floor with a curtain. My mother pulled my sister who was three at the time and stripped her naked to go into the shower, I was seven and she pulled me over and took off my top and just like that stripped my bottoms off and I stood naked in front of her boss who stared right into my triangle area.

    I scolded my mother for doing that to me and she told me to get over it, so what if a man saw me there wasn't anything wrong with it. Well I felt there was and I was upset and kept to myself the rest of the day. That night when it was time for bed my mother made me go out into the living room to say goodnight and give him a kiss. My mother's boss gave me both cheeks to kiss and patted my behind. In the morning I had to sit beside him for breakfast.

    For the next many years I had to sit beside him, I had to kiss him and let him put his arm around me and hold me, kiss me, talk to me about being a good girl and stuff. His hands were all over me, he touched everything and, there wasn't a part of me that he didn't touch. My mother called me his girlfriend, show him you love him instead of being ungrateful, all he wanted was for me to hug him and sit with him, I was his girl. I'm not kidding I was eleven when he kissed my lips and ran his tongue along my lips.

    By the time I was fifteen, sixteen I was hugged and had to put my face up for him to kiss my lips. I was too big for him to pick me up, but not so big that I didn't sit in his lap. It was around then that I figured out that my mother was his big girl girlfriend, the one that he got naked and had sex with. All those nights when we were at the beach or spent the night at his house she was slipping into his bed, showing him how much she loved him and that she was not ungrateful to him.

    When I got married, after college, he gave me a new car as a wedding gift. When I brought my first little one home he gave us half down for a house. When I hug him I hold on to him real tight and he hugs me and he kisses me on the lips and my husband gets angry. He doesn't understand.

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    It took u to age 15 to figure out they were lovers and that was like a decade ago. Oh my lord. That's unbelievable in today's world. Where were you when your comtemporaries were discussing sex at school,on the way home,at sleepovers!!!!!!!!!!
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    Give him some pussy and see what that gets ya. You owe him that already.

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