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    Straight Male / 36

    Years before I met my wife, I fucked a much older woman. She was drunk and really out of it, and she went crazy when she saw my cock. I have a long one, that is very thick. She rode me till she passed out, and I came in her pussy. She roused a little bit, turned over on the bed showing me one of the greatest asses of all time. I have never been able to have anal sex, the girls either won't try it, or can't get it in. I used her hand lotion and lubed her and me excessively and slid into her incredibly tight butthole. She woke up and was protesting what I was doing saying she'd never done it before and that I was hurting her. It didn't take long for me to shoot up that tight shitter while feeling up her DD cup tits. I pulled out and she collapsed again but before she went out she told he that she'd never forget my cock.

    YEP, it's what you think. That older woman, now 19 years later is now my mother-in-law. She didn't remember me, though I remembered her and her nice but jiggly body. I remembered her brown, trimmed pussy hair, her big nipples and brownish aureolae and of course; that wonderful ass. She has been staying with my wife and I for a while, and one afternoon home alone, she wandered into our bedroom. I was coming out of the shower, and didn't have the bathroom door closed. She saw me naked, looked at my cock and then remembered me.

    It was very awkward and her remembering me by my cock was a bit of a problem. She said that I was the one that took her home when she couldn't drive, and undressed her, had sex, then forced her into anal sex for her first time. We agreed that my wife, her daughter shouldn't know. Her only comment was that she thought her daughter was "to damn dumb to know how good she's got it". Then she added "I told you I'd remember your cock".

    Noth ing more will happen between us, but it is kind of interesting, she's much more low key now that she knows I've seen her naked and been in all three of her fuckholes.

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