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    Lesbian Female / 22

    No where had I ever thought I would be pregnant, not just because I am butch gay, but also because I don't agree on more children in the world. I came upon my pregnancy by the bartender at the club I work at when he decided to teach me a lesson. One time, and I am pregnant. First I had denial but it was a fact, I went down the abortion route but never could pull the trigger. My mother offered to take care of my unborn daughter but as I get near to my delivery date I am not willing to give her away. I've come this far, I am not going to quit. Poor her, her father is a no good bartender and her mother is a no good gay waitress. I'm keeping her, I am staying with my mom and dad for the first months until I can live alone with her. My dad says two years, I say two months.

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    You did the right thing. It will be tough times but that child is precious. Just encourage and stay the course.
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    This may sound crazy, but don't move out too soon. After your baby is born, your body is going to go through hormone adjustments in a huge, huge way and this may cause depression, postpartum depression to be a matter of fact. It is real. It's your body readjusting, and it's a lot better to have help and support while it happens.

    You did the right thing: life is so precious, enjoy your baby.
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    Take advantage of the two years. Take good care of her. It is not easy as you think to raise a baby. 2 months will feel like 2 weeks.

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