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    I'm a lover of baseball. Being single I go as much as I can. I took my niece when she was 11 through 17 but then I was tra and we were over 150 miles apart. I just retired early and moved back home. My sister told me she having problems with her daughter. She's now 22 and getting fired every time she turned around. I asked if she remembers us going to the ball game and she gets excited said that was the best time she remembers from growing up.

    I take her to a game and after the game checked into the hotel. She's taking her shower first and then said I'm going to have a smoke while you shower. I come back into the room and she is laying on the bed cover turned down and is sleeping without any thing on but her thong panties. I'm in my robe but nothing else. Decided to not put PJ's on and dropped my robe on the floor. I got into the king bed but could not get to sleep. I played with her tits she about a 32 b cup skinny little girl maybe 95 pounds. She's starting to moan but not moving. I'm sucking her nipples and she seems to like that. I went down on her pulling off her thong and ate her little pussy. She's cum twice now I go back up to her tits then up her neck then chin to her lips. As my tongue goes into her mouth I slipped my dick inside her pussy. I'm only 7 inches and I bottom out and we fucked for the next 45 minutes. Next morning I wake her as I'm fucking her again.

    Turns out she was high on drugs and didn't even remember the night before. Said she's sure going to remember my waking her up for a long long time. My sister has sence gotten a divorce and moved into my house. Got caught fucking her daughter and now I'm fucking both my sister and my niece. I'm loving my life and my family.

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