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    Straight Female / 35

    It was my sisters birthday party at her house and we all drank and partied until 3 in the morning. My husband couldnt go because he had to work. By 3 am my kids had gone to sleep with their cousins in their room.

    I admit that I had too much to drink and I was kinda drunk, I remember I decided to just go to one of my nephews empty rooms on the second floor of the house. I just laid on top of the bed, I was tired so I didnt even changed or got under the sheets, I just took my heels off and laid of top of the bed. I was wearing a short dress and it was revealing but I was alone inside the room.

    As I closed my eyes I heard somebody coming inside the room and by the time I opened my eyes to see who it was, I saw my brother in law, my sisters husband, he was getting on top of the bed saying "shhh shhh"

    I started pushing him away saying "no no what are you doing" but like I said I was drunk so I wasnt strong enough and my reflexes were bad. I dont remember every detail of how it happened and I think at some point I just stopped pushing him away. I do remember feeling his hands pulling my panties from under my dress which wasnt hard to do at all because as I said I was wearing a short dress. All of a sudden I remember he grabbed my legs, got on top of me and I felt he started pushing his cock inside of me.

    Im going to be honest here and admit that once he started fucking me I wasnt fighting him at all anymore, and if anybody would have seen us having sex on top of the bed, I probably looked like a willing participant and not somebody who was just being taken sexually by force.

    I do remember that as it was happening I had the awareness that he was taking advantage of me but at the same time I remember feeling pleasure specifically with every penetration, as I said I was drunk and probably in my drunk state at that moment I was horny and wanted to have sex too.

    I dont remember how long it took, it was probably between 8 to 10 minutes… he only fucked me on top of me and like I said I dont remember fighting him as the fucking was happening. Im going to even admit here that I probably moaned and probably even put my feet around him a couple times too. He probably didnt feel at all that he was doing something wrong.

    My brother in law came inside of me and he came very hard because I also remember him squeezing my hips very hard as he was coming. He wasnt using a condom and he could have gotten me pregnant but thankfully nothing happened. When he finished coming for what felt like a long time he pulled his cock from inside of me and sat on the bed. He didnt say anything and to be honest I didnt know what to say either. After a couple of minutes he stood up and left the room and I was confused but I was still kinda drunk so I remember I got under the sheets and fell asleep right away. I think at that moment I just didnt want to think about what just happened.

    The next day when I woke up and saw my panties on the floor next to the bed, that was really when I completely became aware of everything that happened the night before. He didnt hurt me and to be honest I didnt feel victimized…but yeah my sister’s husband fucked me and it was really bad.

    I decided not to say anything because this would completely destroy our families, not only that, but I really didnt have any indication that I was forced by my brother in law and as Ive mentioned here I even have doubts with myself if at some point I willingly just accepted to have sex with him. Ive heard many many times that when this happens the wife takes the side of the husband and thinks the other woman provoked the situation. Im not sure if my sister would take that position if she finds out what happened.

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    Gray area r**e
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    I wouldn't call this r**e at all... he took advantage? sure maybe but you conceded and you remember you willingly did it... he must have fucked you really good, its always pleasurable to fuck a drunk slut
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    You have nothing to feel guilty about. You acted as a woman. He acted as a man. It was just sex between two adults.

    Have you ever thought of or fantasized doing it with him again?

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