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    Straight Male / 47

    My wife has lost interest in sex. Typical story so far, right?
    On a deeper level, though, the loss of intimacy has created a vicious cycle of not feeling close to each other, and that has led to...less sex. Go figure.

    That's left me doing a lot of masturbating lately, and that's where the problem starts.

    Now that the kids are older, I can't sit downstairs after everyone goes to bed. Someone is likely to catch me at any point because they're up and around until the wee hours. So what's left? Bed.

    I read erotic stories, I look at pictures, and (if she's sleeping really soundly) watch porn videos in bed while jerking off.

    That was the start.

    When that wasn't enough, I started groping her while I jerked off.

    That was the middle.

    Sometimes, I would move carefully into position and shoot my load onto her.

    Here comes the bad part.

    A while back, I was fingering her pussy and she was really slick. Her back was to me, and her legs were curled up, which put her in perfect position. She was snoring away, wearing just a cotton nightshirt that flipped easily out of the way. I had given up on the porn and was lying there stroking my cock with one hand and fucking her with two fingers of the other.

    One thought led to another, though, and I shifted towards her after a while, thinking to cum on her ass. As I got into position, though, I decided impulsively to play "just the tip" to add to my stimulation. My cockhead slipped past her pussy lips with no problem, and the sweet, slippery heat of her drove me over the edge in no time. I'm sure the r**e fantasy factor added to my enjoyment as well. Anyway, I pulled out in time to cum safely on her ass, and wiped away the evidence. I even took the time to get a clean washcloth and gently clean her pussy as well.

    This has happened many times since then. My new favorite is to get myself ready and then pull one leg over mine as we lie in bed together. Then I turn my hips toward her, lining my cock up at just the right height. I can't get very deep in this position, but amazingly, she sleeps soundly enough that I can push her knee up toward her chest and get great penetration. I can't believe she stays asleep through this, but 9 times out of 10, she's snoring away even as I fuck her. Slowly, of course.

    I've never cum inside her, but only because that would be too hard to clean up. I don't want her to find out!

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    Wish my husband would use me like this. I would LOVE to wake up dripping cum from my pussy or be covered in it. Mmmmmm.
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    News flash, she's not sleeping. No woman would sleep through that.
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    Reply to comment #2 from OP: she takes a lot of medication at night!
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    3, of course she does, because that is your fantasy.

    This is yet another story which proves that fetishists does have lower IQ. Don't you know that most sleeping pills are doing nothing but will make you relax more and slightly drowsy, so you can fall asleep better. Pills like what you are describing now would be possible deadly. That is why there is no such pills anywhere that you wouldn't woke up when someone is r****g you!

    By the way, how big is you cock exactly?

    If you want to write some believable erotica, learn some anatomy, or better yet, have some real sex.
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    Good jokes!

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