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    Bi-Sexual Male / 20

    None of the men are here for more than fifteen minutes. Most are only here around five to ten minutes and some much less than that. The quickest was a guy who as soon as he dropped his shorts, and slid his cock up my asshole, he came almost immediately. It worked for him and he was delighted with his arrive, shove it in, fuck me for a couple of strokes and cum. Within five minutes he was on his way and I soon learned most of the men just want a cum dump.
    Every week I offer my services to men who want to relieve their sexual frustrations. I would say the vast majority are married and I would also add, probably not getting any at home.
    I used to suck them off too, but after a particularly bad experience with one guy, I only suck a guys cock if I know him really well, or he's someone who I trust implicitly.
    Most of my fuck partners don't care anyway and just want my tight young hole to fuck. And that's what I offer them at the motel. It's situated only a minutes walk from the truck stop and just across the street from a complex car park. Like I said it's very convenient for most of the married men who fuck me and go. They all have to wear a condom (Except two guys) and they all have to buy them from me. It costs them five bucks for the condom and five bucks to enter the room. They don't pay me, they pay Jonny the motel owner who's one of the men who fucks me bareback. He's seventy one now and has a wife who won't let him fuck her. She doesn't care less he's fucking me and we often fuck other than the one 'open day'.
    On an average 'Open day' (Around six hours) I'll have five to ten men visit my asshole with their hard cocks. On a particularly busy and horny day, I've had as many as sixteen guys using my asshole to dump their loads.
    One of the men who uses my services, is a person who works in the council offices. He tells me since I began almost a year ago letting guys fuck my ass, the local domestic violence rate has gone down. So it's not just me having a wonderful days sexual fuck party. It's also a community service and one I should charge rates for lol.
    Tomorrow is my next fuck fest, and I'm expecting at least eight men. Lets hope one lasts long enough to make me cum, as it's my new way of orgasming. I don't touch myself and let the man who's fucking me, drive me to climax. Last week I came twice, Once with a trucker and once with the council operative. It was him and his large cock that fucked me last. Something the dirty bastard loves most, fucking me after I've been stuffed full of cock all day.

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