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    Straight Female / 33

    My husband believes somehow having sex once a month is a far more healthy relationship wise situation to be in, and it "Saves up our passion" for when we do have sex. He couldn't be more wrong, and I tried so hard to convince him otherwise.

    No thing worked so I hired a private investigator to find out if he was having an affair. Nothing, not a thing. So his theory of denial IS his mindset.

    I'm thirty three, healthy, fit and very sexual. I'm good looking, I have a great figure and my 'sex head' at the moment is for much much older men, with large really thick cocks.
    I say at the moment, because when I first cheated nine months ago it was with a couple of younger guys, but they were just hump merchants. And too immature for me.

    Then I met Frank a fellow swimmer who's in his early fifties. I literally saw him getting out of the pool and noticed the sheer size of his cock bulge in his swim gear. He saw me staring and smiled that 'I'd fuck you in a heart beat smile'. Waiting for him to walk out, I sat on my cars hood and let him see up my short skirt. I'd left off my panties and had been slowly touching myself. My pussy was engorged with blodd and I knew when he saw it, he wanted it.
    He walked the ten feet over to me, put his right hand down to my pussy and said "Yours or mine". And that was the start of my sexual fascination with older men.

    Frank took me to his apartment, where we had nearly two hours of the dirtiest sex I'd had in years. His hugely thick cock had my jaw aching and stretched my pussy and ass when he fucked me over and over again. By the time we stopped having sex, I could hardly walk straight. And he laughed as I went to the bathroom. Luckily for me, my husband was at another golf meeting when I got in, so I bathed for a long long time.

    Frank and I still have sex, yet we're not an item and he sees it the way I do. Casual sex, if and when we're free and horny. Which for me right now, is every day.

    Vinny. He's older than Frank, yet I'd say a little fitter. He's a music teacher and loves sluts like me. That's because I met him on an internet site posing as a married slut who gets no fucks. We meet in another town and always at a motel. He uses me like a whore and fucks me like one too. I love his dominant ways, but I love his massive cock more. Vinny is married too, but his wife is frigid and definitely won't allow him to fuck her asshole, which he loves doing with me. It's a meet up, fuck and leave kind of relationship, if you can call it that, but I like it as I have no strings with him.

    The last guy, Jimmy, is a very casual sexual partner. We met through work and I only see him once a month. He's the only one so far, who treats me like a real lady. It doesn't stop him fucking me in his car though, or outdoors which I've grown to love. I don't want to go too much into his background or our liaisons, as he's very private.

    My husband still gets his once a month saved up night of passion, but these days I try to get him off extra quick. Which if you know how with your cervical and pussy muscles, it's no that hard to do.
    He makes out he's satisfied the whole world when he fucks me. Truth be known, it's vanilla sex and its now very very boring.

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    I need one of you!
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    My husband is the same. After years of sexual frustration, I'm now getting my pussy filled by our 13-year-old son. Naturally, his shaft is not as big as his father's, but he's a great repeater, up to 5 times a night, and my pussy is constantly full of his warm, thick cum.
    12 days ago

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