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    Hey! I'm Wyatt. So, I have an 18 y/o stepsister. We don't really communicate much...but that day where I confronted her? It was just messed up. Read on, it gets real juicy.

    My sister started college a year ago. Fast forward to 19 and I find myself snacking on Walker's crisps. I was just about to throw the packet away when I saw a letter in the bin with my stepsister's name written out in Times New Roman. Thinking it must be important, I carefully take out the scrunched up paper from the bin and laid it down on the wooden coffee table. It clearly stated that she was ditching college! I was mad, because I was responible for her. I am her older stepbrother after all. So I was brave, and confronted her. Believe me, I wasn't in the right mindset to be dealing with this. I was so telling her mum! When I said I was going to snitch, she asked me to make a deal. Guess what I replied? "Oh, f**k it, if you give me a decent bj, I won't tell, alright?"

    So my stepsister did. She gave me a decent bj so I never told. Our time was cut short when her mum came back from shopping at Asda's. A few minutes later, I sneak into her room and she was kind of naked. She was only wearing lingerie. I walk up to her bed and she's occupied with her phone, probably playing Fortnite. I grab her arse and she looks at me and asks, "What are you doing?"

    I give her a smirk and rub her back as I ask her what she was doing. "Nothing," she responded as she got up and sat on the edge on her twin sized bed. "We never finished," I said with a grin on my face. She smiled. We began making out.

    I took off her underwired bra and began kissing her size 36D breasts and evetually took off her spotty knickers. I began licking her pussy while she began moaning. I took off my pants (including underwear) and rubbed it against her clit. Soon, I put my 7.8" dick in her tight pussy and pounded her as she screamed for more.

    I managed to make my stepsister orgasm and cum multiple times in a row and I felt accomplished. It wasn't what I expected but it was jolly good.

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    Niceee! I wish my stepsister could do me like that.
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    she shod close the door xD
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    7.8" dick, really? xD

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